Bushman DC130X 12/24v Upright Fridge/Freezer 130L

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Product Description

Bushman DC130X 12/24v Upright Fridge/Freezer 130L, 5 Year Warranty. Our DC-X range of mobile fridges are specially designed for Caravans, Boats and Recreational Vehicles.

Recent advances in 12V battery systems and smart battery chargers mean you no longer need a fridge with 240V AC built in. Our DC only fridges are safer, run cooler and are far less complicated - giving you years and years of peaceful enjoyment.


  • 12V / 24V DC Operation
  • 6L Freezer
  • Interior LED light
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Reversible door


  • Extra low-power design
  • A deeper freezer gives more storage space
  • Large door shelves with rails
  • Stainless steel freezer door


  • Secop Danfoss BD35
  • German designed and owned for over 50 years
  • Powerful and Reliable
  • Variable speed drive (2A - 4.5A)
  • Average 1.4 Amp/hr over 24hrs (25º ambient 4º fridge)


  • Black / Black
  • Interchangeable front panel

User Tips:

  • This fridge is designed to run from a 12V DC power source such as your Caravan/Camping battery bank. Running the fridge from a 12V power source will help with the longevity and performance of this fridge. Bushman recommends that when 240V power is available, use a smart battery charger to charge your battery bank and keep your fridge running direct from the batteries. You can see a suitable range of AC to DC smart battery chargers HERE if needed.
  • A small number of customers may want to use this fridge in an 'offgrid living' setup and run the fridge from 240V AC power all of the time - in which case you will need a Power Adaptor to convert AC Power to DC in order to run the fridge. You can see this optional Bushman Adaptor HERE.
 Note: The mounting frame does not cover the bottom 2 inches of the fridge. This enables customers to use a timber bead or kickboard.

Bushman Product Brochure

Bushman DC-X Owners Manual

Bushman Fridges



Brand Bushman

GTIN 797776962525

Warranty Period: 5 Years

Product Category Upright RV Compressor Fridges

Fridge Voltage 12 / 24 V

Product Type DC Compressor fridge for 12/24 volts

Total Capacity (Litres) 130

Freezer Compartment (Litres) 6 Litres

Fridge Depth (mm) 550

Fridge Width (mm) 525

Fridge Height (mm) 750

Installation Refer to the Product Manual / Installation Guide for installation instructions from the manufacturer. For optimal performance of RV compressor fridges

Popular Product Applications Caravan fridge, 12V compressor fridge, RV fridge, 2 way caravan fridge, Bushman fridge

Cut Out Required 530 (W) x 755 (H) x 550 (D) mm

Net Weight (kg) 26

Compressor Secop Danfoss BD35

Power consumption (DC 12V) Average 1.4 Amp/hr over 24hrs (25º ambient 4º fridge)

Colour Black


Bushman Fridge Review: The DC130X 12/24V 130L Fridge/Freezer


Bushman DC130-X | Caravan Fridge Review | @vanlifestraya


Customer Reviews

Excellent Fridge Review by
Fridge works wonderfully. Good size freezer and crisper.
(Posted on 8 June 2023)
Love how much space for a small fridge Review by
Worked very well even when it was raining and overcast.
(Posted on 13 October 2021)
Top Product Review by
Top Fridge, does everything I Require from This type of Compact Fridge.
(Posted on 11 July 2021)
Great light weight alternative to a chest fridge Review by
The fridge is designed to go inside a cabinetry cavity so it's strange to see the workings of the fridge exposed, purchased a bunnings flat pack 600mm over cavity unit and fits perfectly and added some vents, fridge works as it should and isn't as power hungry as people said it would be, very comparable to the engel 60l I had.
(Posted on 23 June 2021)

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Great product Review by
I haven't been camping with this fridge yet, but I have tested it on my 200Ah battery and it lasted for about four days without charging the battery at any time. (I'm pretty sure the battery was not fully charged!)The fridge was cold and held temperature even when in direct sunlight.
(Posted on 23 June 2021)
Great product Review by
I haven't been camping with this fridge yet, but I have tested it on my 200Ah battery and it lasted for about four days without charging the battery at any time. (I'm pretty sure the battery was not fully charged!) The fridge was cold and held temperature even when in direct sunlight.
(Posted on 23 June 2021)
fridge is ok Review by
Good replacement fridge for old 3 way fridge perfect fit into cutout hole. Used once since installed and it works OK better then 3 way fridge for sure hope it lasts but and continues work like that.
(Posted on 23 April 2021)
It works well but it hasn't had much use. Review by
If I had the opportunity to inspect the fridge before purchasing it online I probably would not have bought it for 2 reasons. Firstly the exterior side walls are made of a very soft material and easily damaged (mine was slightly damaged when it arrived) and secondly, I'm not sure how long the plastic door latch will last. In general it is not as robust as other brands, even the $750, 90 L Brass Monkey has metal walls and a good door latch. I bought the bushman because it was the best fit into the space I had in the van.
(Posted on 9 April 2021)
Excellent product but we haven't been to fully use Review by
Appears to be an excellent fit in our caravan and expect it will be great for us.
(Posted on 20 March 2021)
Very pleased Review by
Very quick to deliver. Very reliable unit, looking forward to getting away and making full use of it.
(Posted on 26 February 2021)
Love it Review by
I charged house batteries 5 days ago and since only used x2 100 watt solar panels .. still almost on full charge
(Posted on 19 November 2020)
Impressed Review by
Does what they advertise, quiet n efficient, expecting it to pay for itself over 4 years of saving gas running my old fridge in the van, living off grid.
(Posted on 29 October 2020)
Great product, great service. Review by
Couldn't be happier with the fridge. Have it in the back of my 100 series cruiser. Keeps food and beer cold. Easy to access. Was unsure of the upright in the cruiser but just take a bit of time in packing the fridge and nothing moves. More versatile than a standard chest fridge.
(Posted on 22 October 2020)
Happy with product Review by
Have been using it for about 3weeks, impressed with the quietness of the compressor, and relatively low temperature control knob setting to keep fridge nice and cold. Not actually living in van at present so fridge doesn't get opened a lot. Will know more after a trip away, but looking good.
(Posted on 7 October 2020)
Great fridge, loads of space. Review by
Converting a Sprinter van and wanted all the luxuries, the Bushman fridge is as good as they say it is, very quiet, low energy and has loads of space in the 130X version. Very happy with my choice.
(Posted on 24 September 2020)
Looks great Review by
Good size great colour
(Posted on 6 August 2020)
A great Australian made fridge Review by
The fridge is compact and is larger than the fridge it replaced for the same space. Very happy with the choice made.
(Posted on 11 July 2020)
A great Australian made fridge Review by
The fridge is compact and is larger than the fridge it replaced for the same space. Very happy with the choice made.
(Posted on 11 July 2020)
Best ever Review by
The bushman fridge for the caravan which is 12 volt with 240 volts power pack, is so roomy for its size and cost effective to boot. Couldn't be happier with my purchase. WooHoo Thanks
(Posted on 10 July 2020)
Bloody Ripper!!! Review by
Fantastic fridge works very well. Runs very quietly. Great layout inside and lots of room. Very very impressed! Don’t hesitate if your thinking of buying one.
(Posted on 7 July 2020)
Great Fridge Review by
After reading a lot of positive reviews on the bushman fridges I decided to replace my old struggling 90lt 3 way in my Jayco Swan, and with minor modification to the camper I got the bushman 130lt in and it's amazing how quick this cools down and holds temp compared to the old fridge. I have installed an internal temp controlled fan in it only because I had it already in the old 3 way but certainly doesn't require it and only runs on first start up! Highly recommend this fridge.
(Posted on 30 May 2020)
Good looking, solid and quite Review by
Have just replaced my 100lt three way fridge for the bushmans dc 130-x, super quite, just like the wife now. The only downside is no digital temp gauge.
(Posted on 28 February 2020)
Beaut Little RV Fridge Review by
Uses less power than an Engle or Waco, only uses 0.5 Amps/hour, it run all night on battery power and only used 10% . Plenty of storage shelves with lips so nothing gets thrown around like the other fridge we had. Freezer fits 6 Chinese take away containers in it. Not as expensive and more food storage capacity than an Engle or Waco, easier to get at drinks and food because it’s upright so not reaching or shuffling through to the bottom for something. We put one in the back of Our Landcruiser as well as Caravan.
(Posted on 5 January 2020)
Bushman Fridge Review by
Fridge looks very good in our 1976 Viscount. A much bigger fridge than the original but takes up less room. Both fridge and freezer work very well and with a bonus of a light in the fridge.
(Posted on 23 September 2019)
Excellent Product Review by
Very well designed, highly functional, and beautifully made.
(Posted on 4 May 2019)
Very Happy Review by
Product arrived in good condition, This was to replace the old fridge in our little caravan. Freezer worked very well and also the fridge. We also used the cable to work it on 12volt when travelling and it also worked very well ass when we arrived the food was still cold.
(Posted on 23 April 2019)
Very good fridge Review by
Plenty of space and use very little power
(Posted on 16 February 2019)
Fantastic Review by
Fantastic fridge, works well, the temperature can be adjusted easily, it is extremely quiet and keeps everything cool - even when completely full.
(Posted on 6 February 2019)
Bushman Dc 130x fridge freezer Review by
The fridge freezer seems to be ok. I haven't really tried it properly to give a proper review, but very little work to get it to fit into space that our old fridge was in. The external appearance quite pleasing. The freezer compartment could be bigger but I can live with it. I had it on 4.5 setting on the control knob to get it to zero degrees with nothing in the fridge on a 37 degrees day.
(Posted on 6 February 2019)
Good fridge Review by
Good quality fridge, the only downside is no way to set the temperature.
(Posted on 30 October 2018)
Excellent product and service Review by
So far it is great
(Posted on 25 June 2018)
Good fridge Review by
Was a good replacement for the Electrolux RM 2310. Very similar size, but a heap bigger inside. Uses a quarter of the power. Has auto lock door. Very happy with it.
(Posted on 24 April 2018)

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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • I'm looking at the Bushman Fridges, are they manufactured in Australia?

    Great question, all the Bushman fridges are manufactured overseas, however, Bushman is an Australian owned and operated business.

  • Can you get an adaptor for 240v and how easily can you switch power modes ?

    Hi Bran, you certainly can. One of our more popular adaptors is this Dometic Waeco Cool Power 240 Volt Adaptor, 150W  -  this can be used when 240 Volt AC mains power is available and you want to run 12 / 24 Volt DC applainces. Simply connect this adaptor between the mains power outlet and your DC appliance (in this case a fridge) - this allows you to use mains power when its available instead of using your DC battery power.  Thanks

  • Do these need to be wrapped in insuwool like the 3 way it will be replacing, do we need a fan to suck out the heat from the compressor through the top ventthanks mateBrian

    Hi Brian,

    No insulation is required.

    You will need to have some form of escape path for the heat created by the compressor. This could be an external vent, or an internal vent depending on your cabinet setup.

  • Is this suitable to go in the back of a canopy for camping and if so how would I mount it to my canopy?

    Hi Harrison,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    The answer is yes and no!

    You can put a DC-X fridge on a canopy, however it needs to be packed more carefully than a chest fridge, ideally using plastic tubs, so everything doesn’t slide around inside the fridge. This is pretty normal for RV’s anyway.

    The fridge can be mounted in many different ways. It is important to keep the soft rubber feet attached to the fridge as these absorb shock.

    The fridge sheetmetal can be screwed in to using short (<8mm) Sheetmetal screws to affix the fridge to the canopy.

  • Hello My Generator,Question regarding mounting the 130 Bushman. The <8mm screws you mention for attaching direct to the outside of the fridge metal skin, can these only be screwed in certain areas? Ie I am using the mounting kit but also want to fix the

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Screw should only be inserted where the installation frame connects to the fridge.

    There are no other locations on the fridge that we are aware of that can accept screws without potentially causing damage.

    For further installation assistance we would recommend calling Bushman on 03 9437 0737

  • Does A Caravan Fridge Need 240V?

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your question.

    Essentially no you do not always need a caravan fridge with 240V. In fact, some brands, such as Bushman, recommend a 12V fridge only. This is because of the follow reasons:

    1. The fridge will last longer - caravan fridges with 240V built in have a 240 transformer attached to the compressor. This transformer generates excess heat, which in turn reduces the life of the compressor.
    2. The fridge will cool down faster - by removing the 240V transformer from the compressor, the cooling system will produce less heat. This therefore makes it easier and faster for the fridge to cool down.
    3. A 12V fridge costs less - a 12V and 240V fridge requires a qualified electrician to install and service the fridge. Whereas a 12V only fridge is generally cheaper to buy, install and service.
    However, having a 240V fridge allows you to connect to AC mains power when available and run 12/24 Volt DC appliances. Usually a customer who intends to use their Bushman fridge in an 'off-grid' living set up will want to run the fridge from a 240V power source the whole time and therefore use an adaptor. 
    The better option for Caravan/Camping use is to run their 12V Fridge from their batteries. Bushman recommends that when 240V power is available, use a smart battery charger to charge your battery bank and keep your fridge running direct from the batteries. You can see a suitable range of AC to DC smart battery chargers HERE if needed.
  • Is this fridge T rated ?

    Hi There,

    Bushman do rate this unit as T rated. Thanks

  • When not using DC-X Bushmans van fridge it is recommended to leave door ajar when not turned on. How do I turn off interior light

    Hi There,

    If the fridge is turned off, the internal light should not be illuminated at all.

  • Has the fridge an interior fan

    Hi There,

    No sorry, there is no internal fan in this fridge.

  • Hi,will 2 litre milk bottles fit into the lower door pocket of this fridge?

    Hi There,

    Unfortunately a 2L milk bottle would not fit in the door compartment.

    We would recommend 1L bottles be put in the door.

  • Hi,Would 1.25L bottles fit in the door? I noted your reply about the 2L milk bottles not fitting so wondering if a 1.25L soft drink bottle would fit?Thanks

    HI There,

    We would expect a 1.25L bottle to fit just fine in the door.

  • Does the fridge door lock

    Hi There,

    Yes the door does have a locking latch.

    The door latch prevents unexpected openings of the door when the vehicle is in motion.

  • I have noticed that for another brand of fridge you quote the power consumption [aA/h] for 240V use, without actually noting this, but confirmed from manufacturer's website.Is the A/h consumption rate for this fridge also for 240V use. It is very low fo

    Hi There

    The information supplied for this fridge is on 12V DC.

    We would not have AC power ratings for the Bushman as it is stricly a 12/24V fridge only.

  • Are these manufactured in Australia?

    No, Bushman is an Australian company, however their products are not manufactured here.


For details relating to this product's warranty CLICK HERE


    For details relating to our delivery process CLICK HERE

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