Rooftop Tents

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Looking for a quick and easy tent set-up after a big day of 4WD adventures? A Dometic roof top tent is the way to go. Both of the Dometic roof top tents models are big enough to sleep two people comfortably on a high-density foam mattress. Other top features include an integrated fly screen and PVC tent cover, so your tent stays water resistant and is protected from the elements with UPF 50+ protection.


Why Buy a Dometic Roof Top Tent

If you’re thinking of buying a roof top tent, you’ve come to the right place. Dometic roof top tents are the top of the range for features and designs – you’ll be wishing you bought one sooner!

Not sure which model is for you? The main difference between the Dometic roof top tents is how you set them up. The Dometic TRT120E boasts an electric set up (that’s what the E stands for). Use the 12V operation and wireless remote control to assemble the tent in a matter of minutes. The alternative is the Dometic TRT140M, which is manual. Whichever Dometic roof top tent you choose, you can also opt for a roof top awning to match. The Dometic roof top tent awnings are easy to set up and extend your outdoor living space.

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