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Caravan Slide Out Kitchens

Caravan Slide Out Kitchens

Caravan Slide Out Kitchens

Save valuable space in your caravan or RV with a slide out kitchen. Simply pull out the kitchen and then stow it away when you’re travelling. You’ll be amazed at how convenient and functional a caravan slide out kitchen can be.  

What is a caravan slide out kitchen?

Stuck for space in your caravan? A slide out kitchen is the answer. The best thing about a caravan slide out kitchen is that you can have a stove, a sink and a benchtop all in one unit. Built on telescopic runners, you can pull out the kitchen within seconds ready to prepare dinner.  Then, tuck it away after use. You’re going to love mealtimes with one of these in your RV!

We stock Dometic caravan slide out kitchens because they’re stylish, well-designed and lightweight.  Dometic is an industry leader in producing products for RVs so you can be assured your slide out kitchen will last the distance. There are lots of extra features to make these kitchens fun, practical and great value. Check out our online store for full specifications.