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Camec Portable Folding 120 Watt Solar Panel Kit

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Camec Portable Folding 120 Watt Solar Panel Kit Review  |  Q&A  | 


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Quick Overview

Camec Portable Folding 120 Watt Solar Panel Kit, 5yr warranty


Product Description

Camec Portable Folding 120 Watt Solar Panel Kit. Camecs Monocrystalline folding solar panel range features our new High Performance 15 amp PWM charge regulator. While most other folding panels are supplied with a 10A regulator, Camecs 15A regulator offers more flexibility and more reliable operation.Whereas a 10A regulator may be working close to its maximum current capacity on larger panels, Camecs 15A regulator ensures reliable operationespecially in strong sunlight in the summer months.For the smaller panels, a 15A regulator provides the flexibility to safely control a second solar panel added to the system.


  • Each panel has a power lead terminated with alligator clips and an in-line 50A Anderson plug enabling the panel to be quickly connected to RVs that already have an Anderson plug wired up to their battery system.
  • An integrated sturdy fold-out stand is also included allowing the panel to be positioned to maximise the available sunlight.
  • All Camec solar panels feature our 25/5 warranty - 25 year panel and 5 year accessory warranty - all from a company you know will still be around to honour the warranty!

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Short Description

Camec Portable Folding 120 Watt Solar Panel Kit, 5yr warranty

SKU #044048
Brands Camec
Solar Panel Type Folding Solar Panels
Product Type Solar panel
Wattage 120W
Short Circuit Current Isc(A) 7.08A
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm Open: 1266 x 664 x 35mm ; Folded : 664 x 631 x 75mm
Net Weight (kg) 12.0 Kg
Operating Voltage 17.6V


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Powering Your Trip With Caravan or Camping Solar Panels


Camec Solar & Power Solutions

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  • Q:Can folding (portable) solar panels be permanently fixed to the top of a motorhome/caravan?

    Hi there, fixing portable/foldable solar panels to a Recreational Vehicle is not really common practice... the regulator is placed behind the panels and you connect your Anderson connections into it. You will not be able to access the regulator if you fix the panels.

    You could run wiring from the panels inside the vehicle, but there are fixed panels that you can purchase that are set up like this it can be done, but its not typical, as you can buy fixed panels within our RV solar range which are designed for being fixed to a vehicle. 

    Many thanks

  • Q:What’s the difference between Mono & Polycrystalline solar cells?

    There's actually not a whole lot of difference when it comes to Caravan, RV and Camping applications to be honest. They are different cell types and are more relevant for home grid tied roof top.

    You will read that poly are better in low light conditions and mono are more efficient. But for roof top caravan's the difference is negligible.

    The most important thing is to get a well-constructed roof top panel from a quality brand and get the right sizing for your application.




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