Portable Generator Reviews: Trade and Farm Generators

Our most comprehensive range of genset models is our portable trade and farm generators series. We sell tough portable gensets to a whole range of commercial customers; builders, plumbers, farmers, civil construction companies, mine sites, agribusiness, renovators and much more.

Crommelins 8.5kVA Workcover Approved; popular in the hire and rental industry

So after years of gathering feedback from these customers and businesses, along with our ongoing testing from in-house product experts, we can share with you these powerful reviews for the best trade and farm generators in the market:

1. Advanced Power 8kVA: Rating 5/5

What Customers Say: "Been running a large pump (30amp start up) on a property at Maryborough almost every day for over 6 months now, and this generator has delivered without a hitch. This was the right option: thanks Sean." Glen Raymond, Maryborough Qld

My Generator Says: The most durable generator we've come across. We've put it through it's paces and so have many of our civil construction and mining customers: just does not fail. We like the fact it has a 2 year manufacturers warranty on the generator and 3 year warranty on the Honda GX390 engine. All the best Australian Trade Generator Manufacturers such as Gentech, Powerlite and Dunlite use the Honda GX390:

8kva Petrol Generator: for trade and farm use

2. Yamaha EF7200E: Rating 5/5

What Customers Say: "This is a great unit if you need AVR plus a fair amount of power. From what I could find the inverters over 5000 watts were damn expensive. I was wrapt to get this for under 2 grand. Essential for my business now, I run my tools and computer when needed" Gerrard Cunnington, Greendale NSW

My Generator Says: A newly released model from Yamaha that we think represents great value; for around $1,800 - $1,900 you get the grunt of a trade generator with an AVR alternator so you can also power sensitive equipment. A trade style generator with modern technology additions including digital display, this unit is also very economical. Popular among not only trade customers but for those wanting to power events and households needing more power for backup during blackouts etc.

The new Yamaha EF7200E generator is packed with additional features

3. Powerlite 3 Phase 8kVA: Rating 5/5

What Customers Say: "Second time round I have bought this unit for the workshop. I got the other one back in 2002 and hasn't failed me yet. We usually run them at around 3000 to 3500 watts a few days a week with the larger fuel tank - Would certainly recommend this: won't give you any problems, just make sure it has enough oil." Robert Pfeiffer, Gawler SA

My Generator Says: Again, a local manufacturer, Powerlite with a Honda Engine: these things are indestructible! For three phase power demands it's not worth mucking around with cheaper imported generators. We also like the versatility of both three phase and single phase power outlets. Definitely our most popular three phase portable trade generator. Powerlite have one of the most comprehensive range of portable trade and farm generators in the Australian market.

Powerlite 8kVA Three Phase Generator: Powered by Honda, one of the best selling 3 Phase portable units


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DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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4 August 2015
Am looking for a portable petrol generator to run a welder. Needs to be above 11kVA. What would you advise?

My Generator Response
Hi Sid, based on your requirements, we would recommend the Powerlite 12kva Single Phase Vanguard Petrol Generator as your best option. You can browse our full range here of: Portable Petrol Generators and search above 11kVA in size.

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