12 Volt Fridge Freezers

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Our range of 12V Fridge Freezer models include portable fridges for camping/4WD/domestic applications and upright compressor 2 way and upright absorption 3 way fridges for caravan/motorhome and other recreational vehicle requirements.

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Fridges for recreational requirements are typically not just a 12V fridge alone – most models will have the option to run on either 12/24 volt, 240 volt, and gas.

Looking For A 12V Portable Fridge Freezer?

The portable compressor style fridges which are most popular for camping, provides you with a 12 volt fridge freezer and the option to run from a 240 volt source. Most commonly, people will use their camping (auxiliary) batteries to run their 12V fridge, 12V fridge freezer as the most efficient option.

The 12V portable fridge freezer range includes models starting from 28 litres, all the way up to a massive 105 litres! We offer single zone models, combi models and dual zone models depending on your needs and application.

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What About An Upright 12V Fridge Freezer?

Similarly, the 2 way upright compressor fridges from Waeco also give you the option of running 12/24 volt or 240 volt power. These styles of 12v fridge freezers are very popular in caravans/motorhomes, especially in hotter, tropical environments where compressor fridges perform very well. Operating these as 12V fridge freezer is the most common practice by caravan owners.

The other style of 12V fridge freezers are absorption style upright 3 way fridges. These models have the flexibility to cool/freeze your food and drinks in your vehicle as not only a 12 volt fridge freezer, but also as a model that can run on 240v and LP Gas. Especially popular for the efficiency that gas operation provides, but also for the backup option to run it as 12V fridge if gas supply is not available. Please note, a 3 way fridge needs to be installed and certified by a qualified and licensed gas-fitter.

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