Bushman Portable Expandable Fridge 35L-52L

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Product Description

Original Bushman Portable Fridge: Expandable 35L-52L incl. Cover, 5 Year Warranty.

 Currently FREE with the Bushman Portable Fridge: Expandable 35L-52L is a Bushman Fridge Transit Cover For SC-35-52

RRP $89 (Bonus item only while stock lasts):

Bushman Fridge Transit Cover For SC-35-52

Protect your Bushman SC35-52 from minor dents, scratches and direct sunlight with this transit cover.

Product Description:

Since 1998 Bushman customers have thrown everything at this fridge. Rain, hail, shine and they are still going strong. If you want a truly efficient fridge that's proven to survive in Australia’s harshest conditions, look no further. Bushman stands the test of time, 19 years and counting. This Bushman fridge can thank its durability to the steel construction and SECOP compressor it features.

An expandable portable fridge freezer:  Check out the photos to see how you can have a 35L, 42L, 45L and 52L fridge in one. A very popular model for prolonged camping stints, 4x4 adventures, camper trailer expeditions, long road trips and more!

This portable camping fridge will last for many, many years to come:  Bushman is built for the long haul and this unit is backed by a full 5 year warranty! You can rest eays knowing

What's in the box:

  • 7 Litre dome lid
  • 10 Litre extension collar
  • Small basket
  • Medium basket
  • Large basket
  • External 240V - 12V transformer
  • 4 Heavy duty tie down points
  • HD Anderson lead with cigarette adapter
  • + FREE TRANSIT COVER:  protects your Bushman SC35-52 from minor dents, scratches and direct sunlight 


  • Steel cabinet
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • German designed Secop Danfoss compressor
  • Proven 20+ years of use in Australia


  • Ventilation top, bottom and sides = less power consumption
  • Tubular style condensor = more heat released


Adjust the fridge size to suit your needs

  • 35L = Compact fridge
  • 42L = Day to day
  • 45L = Weekend away
  • 52L = Camping trip

3 Cooling zones in 52L mode:

  • 6º Top Basket = Fruit & Veges
  • 2º Middle Basket = Dairy and Meat
  • -2º Lower Basket = Pre-frozen Items

...and there's still space to stand drink bottles up at the end!

Bushman Product Brochure

Bushman Fridges


SKU SC-35-52

Brand Bushman

GTIN 797776962426

Warranty Period: 5 Years

Product Category Portable Camping Fridges

Product Type Compressor driven portable fridge freezer with cover

Total Capacity (Litres) 52

Temperature range +10 °C to -22 °C

Fridge Cabinet Material Metal

Fridge Depth (mm) 690

Fridge Width (mm) 385

Fridge Height (mm) 380

Defrosting Type Manual

Power consumption (DC 12V) 2.4 A at 12.5 V

Product Material Powder coated steel cabinet

Voltage Operates on 12/24 volts DC or 240 volts AC

Net Weight (kg) 22.5

Configuration Fridge/freezer

Thermostat Type Digital

Colour Brown

Accessories Includes: transit cover, 2 storage baskets,12 V power lead, external 240V to 12V transformer, 4 Heavy duty tie down points

Compressor Secop Danfoss compressor

Digital Display Yes

Avg Power Consumption Average 0.67 Ah with the fridge set at -4 ºC in 25 ºC ambient (16 Ah over 24 hours)

Popular Product Applications camping fridge, portable fridge freezer, bushman fridge freezer, camper trailer fridge, portable compressor fridge

Portable Fridge Type Single Zone

Shelves 3 stackable storage baskets create 3 different cooling zones


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Bushman Fridge Review: Bushman Portable Expandable Fridge 35L-52L


The Original Bushman 35L - 52L Expandable Fridge


Bushman Our Philosophy of Quality Control


The Original Bushman Fridge: Technology


Bushman Fridges


Customer Reviews

Bushman Review by
I can not fault this fridge in any way. It is so simple to extend the capacity and simple to operate. Built like a brick sh.t house.
(Posted on 8 August 2023)
Bushman 32sc52 frdige Review by
Solid unit arrived in 2 day , barsket solid , down to -5 in 15 mins It's a quiet unit when running quieter then others just a slight hum It's bigger in side then expected, but ajustable in size As far as I can tell every part is well built , Bushman have a great suport team australian company even if some part come from China now like every thing else you get the suport would expect from bushman out standing The clips to fridge are smaller then other but really easy to open close just a quick flick in saying small clips look flimsy thay work realy well suprized me Parts for the bushman are available in au so if I have any problem out side 5 years warrinty can order them get quick unlike other fridges would I buy again 100% low power useage solid a bit retro but classy
(Posted on 13 July 2022)
quality product Review by
Awesome product. Running for a month now and is purring away happily.
(Posted on 18 December 2021)
Fantastic Aussie made product Review by
After a couple of months of assessing various brands and online reviews, it was a no brainer to purchase the Bushman portable fridge. The ability to vary the capacity together with incredible reviews for the product that is absolutely rock solid in construction and also very importantly, after sales service and it is AUSSIE made and owned. Cools down extremely quickly and straight forward control panel.
(Posted on 24 September 2020)

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Bushiee Review by
Just had the Bushman out for a long weekend setup as the 52L. Performed perfectly, envy of everyone that came with an esky. Kept all food perfect with low power draw. My new favourite piece of camping equipment. Researched fridges for some time and the bushman looked the best from reviews and specs. In reality it performed better then I thought it would.
(Posted on 7 September 2020)
Bushman caravan fridge Review by
Fitted like a glove in the space where my Electrolux came out of. Well finished and we are sure we will get many years of use. Australian made, how good is that.
(Posted on 17 June 2020)
Awesome fridge fitted exactly where it needed to g Review by
Prefect for what I needed. Much better setup with the lid opening the way it does. Love the size. After the virus goes away, will really be able to give it a good work out. Thanks so much.
(Posted on 5 April 2020)
Bushman Portable Expandable Fridge 35L-52L Review by
The fridge came packaged very well in a couple of boxes. It has been running for a few weeks now in the back of our Pajero. Simple to set up and operate. We have a 140AH deep cycle battery hooked to a DCDC charger from the Pajero rear 12v outlet. Has operated flawlessly.
(Posted on 3 April 2020)
Quality fridge Review by
Great fridge runs really economical couldn’t be happier with my bushman fridge.
(Posted on 1 August 2019)
Bushman fridge review Review by
Bought the fridge from My Generator. Arrived quickly and in factory condition. Out of the box it is impressive and has the extension collars and bag. Fridge gets cold quickly and freezes goods in the bottom. With the extensions the temparature decreases so vegetables dont freeze in top section. The extensions are convenient for longer trips away.
(Posted on 21 November 2018)
Bushman fridge. Review by
I have had my fridge for over ten years, it has had heaps of use and abuse. No point rabbiting on, it is bloody brilliant. I have seen plenty of others, none compare.
(Posted on 17 November 2018)
Great Review by
Great bit of kit. Well thought out.
(Posted on 26 October 2018)
Can't fault so far Review by
Can't fault so far.
(Posted on 15 October 2018)
Excellent fridge/freezer Review by
After researching portable fridge freezers for a while the bushman kept coming up for simple operation and if anything does go wrong they would have no dramas in sorting it out which I have had mates with Engels and waecos that just have dramas getting it sorted. I have had my bushman a couple of months and has worked flawlessly. Very happy and highly recommend
(Posted on 9 October 2018)
Bang on! Review by
I researched fridges for ages before purchasing and consistently the Bushman came up trumps (whoops, can you still use that expression?) every time. I was particularly drawn to the fact it is an Australian product, in this day of not so cheap and nasty imports. I have used it extensively and been pleasantly surprised that I can run it off a fairly small battery. The unit is large and robust with brick dunny strength. I was pleasantly surprised when the unit also came with a thermal cover, wasn’t expecting that one... thanks boys! Bought it through Mygenerator as had previously purchased a generator through these guys a couple of years ago. Another Aussie made product. Like the generator, the bushman arrived on my door without any hassles or damage. Their freight tracking app made knowing its whereabouts: easy.
(Posted on 22 August 2018)
great fridge & Aussie made!! Review by
This fridge had the most & consistently best reviews that I could find & from my experience so far they were spot on. Yes it doesn't have the Engel swing motor(Iv'e had an Engel for 25 years) but the Danfos I think works just as good if not better in hot weather. Got it down to -15 on a 30+ day. Happy to be in the "Bushman family"
(Posted on 1 May 2018)
Excellent Fridge and service Review by
I'm really happy with the Bushman fridge, the 3 basket design makes it so easy to use. Overall build quality is excellent and the power consumption is very low.
(Posted on 25 April 2018)
Excellent product Review by
I’ve owned the Bushman with the expandable parts for 9 years. It has performed flawlessly and efficiently on 12 volts. A brilliant fridge that I’d recommend to anyone.
(Posted on 26 December 2017)
The Best Bushman I have ever had. Review by
I have had one of these since 2002. Purchased from the Sydney Show and it has been a very good BUSHMAN. I am about to purchase another in the weeks ahead to take on another trip. This one will be placed in the verandah as a party bar fridge.
(Posted on 2 October 2017)

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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Hi, I want to use my 90amp hour camping battery to run a portable fridge. How many hours will I get from my battery before needing to recharge? And what solar panels should I use to charge the battery?

    Hi Greg, great question. It is good that you will use the solar panel to charge the battery, as opposed to running the fridge directly from the solar panel, as voltage will drop if clouds come overhead for instance. You can run the fridge direct from your solar panels if you wish, but using the battery means your refrigerator keeps running even if the voltage output of the solar panel drops severely due to cloud cover.

    Presumably your 90amp hour battery is an AGM / GEL / Lead Acid type, meaning they have an approximate 'Depth of Discharge' of around 50% - so you can only use around half the capacity of the battery before you need to recharge. For Lithium batteries, you can get down to around 20% of capacity (sometimes more), however lithium batteries are more expensive. So, your battery model has around 45 hours capacity before you need to recharge. A portable camping fridge of say around 40-50 litres in size will draw approximately 0.75 amps/hr*. Meaning you will get approximately 60 hours of total run time from your battery before needing to re-charge, assuming you are running just your fridge and nothing else. Obviously different brands and models have different power draw ratings and a larger portable fridge will draw more power than a smaller model - best to check each fridge model's specifications for precise power draw data.

    Now looking at solar panels and the fact you may also want some other small camping appliances as well as the fridge:  A good rule of thumb to prevent inadequacies with power supply is to have a solar panel large enough to provide enough daily power to run your appliances, and have battery storage of an extra 2/3 on hand. So, if your portable fridge plus some other small camping appliances consume a total of say 30 amp-hours per day, you should have battery storage of 90 amp-hours capacity (like your battery does) and a solar panel of at least 80-100 watts or greater capacity to ensure you won't have problems. It is advised to go a little higher in specification than your needs, however. A popular solar panel size to charge your batteries to run camping fridges is around 100 to 160 watts… a quality 160 watt portable solar panel should give you around 60 amps per day of charging, assuming around 7 hours of decent sunlight.

    So based on the above, a 160 watt sized panel could be a good option for your sized battery - this should give you enough daily power to comfortably run a standard sized portable fridge and some other small appliances if required. Thanks.

    *Note that average power consumption data depends on things such as ambient temp, compressor speed (fridge setting), temp of contents in fridge, etc. So treat this numbers as approximation to give you a 'thereabouts' guide.

  • If I used this in a campervan enclosure, how much space does it require around it? Thank you.

    Hi Clare, we would recommend a buffering around the perimeter of the fridge of at least 100mm when storing inside an enclosure. Many portable fridge manufacturer's will actually recommend up to around 200mm of buffering gap specifically around the fridge's vents for optimal performance.

    Many thanks. 

  • Is this a dual zone camping fridge?

    Hi Steve, 

    No, its not technically a true dual zone fridge-freezer model whereby you can control the temperature of individual compartments separately. 

    However this model has separate components that when you set the thermostat for the unit to -5 degrees then you can operate it like this in the 52L set up:

    > top basket acts as a crisper (for veggies & fruit etc.) 

    > middle basket acts keeps meat and dairy nice and cool 

    > the lower basket will keep contents frozen (note that it keeps food frozen, doesn't freezes food)

    This is a popular set up for campers using this fridge. You can review the Bushman Brochure HERE for further technical details . 

  • What type of compressor runs Bushman portable fridges?

    Bushman portable fridge / freezers feature a SECOP compressor (formally known as Danfoss compressors). This compressor is the most commonly known on the market and is found in Evakool, Camec and Bushman portable fridges.

    To find out more information on the SECOP Compressor and to compare other fridge compressors, check out our blog post here: https://bit.ly/2OIro2V 

  • Can I run my portable fridge freezer directly from a solar panel/blanket?

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately no, a battery must always be used to provide a continuous power supply. You must plug the portable fridge/freezer into the battery and then plug the battery into the solar panel/blanket.

    The solar panel/blanket on its own is unable to provide stable and constatnt power to your portable fridge/freezer, which is required to mantain your pre-set temperature.

    Thanks for your question.

  • Why do I have to ensure my portable fridge freezer is setup in a well ventilated location?

    Hi there,

    When a portable fridge/freezer is not properly ventilated, the unit can overheat and result in high power consumption leading to poor performance and efficiency.

    It's also recommended to regularly clean the air inlet and outlet vents so that it is free from dust to prevent blockages.

    Thanks for your question.

  • Are the handles removable? If so what are the dimensions with the ha does removed?

    Hi There

    The length of the fridge with the handles removed is 690mm.

  • Are these manufactured in Australia?

    No, Bushman is an Australian company, however their products are not manufactured here.


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    For details relating to our delivery process CLICK HERE

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