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Thunder Battery Box + 20Amp DC to DC Charger

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Thunder Battery Box + 20Amp DC to DC Charger Review  |  Q&A  | 


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Thunder Universal DC-DC Charger Mounting Bracket

Thunder Universal DC-DC Charger Mounting Bracket

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Quick Overview

Thunder Battery Box + 20Amp DC to DC Charger, 1 Year Warranty

Product Description

Thunder Battery Box + 20Amp DC to DC Charger, 1 year warranty.

Pack iIncludes:


Thunder 20 AMP DC-DC Charger:

Easy to install, the Thunder DC to DC charger is the smart way to charge your auxiliary battery, no matter your vehicle. The Thunder DC-DC Charger utilises a unique pulse charging algorithm with the intelligence to determine the best charge rate for your auxiliary battery (excluding lithium).


  • MPPT solar regulator will regulate solar panels at maximum efficiency capable of up to 300W of solar @ 25V
  • 20A output to charge your auxiliary battery while driving
  • Automatically switches to the solar input when the vehicle battery is turned off or main battery drops to 12.2V
  • Splash resistant (not IP rated)
  • Easy to read and comprehensive LED display
  • Simple to install – 4 mounting holes and 4 easy-to-use wiring studs
  • Rate of charge starts to decrease at 50 degrees and will fully cut out at 80 degrees

Easy to install, the Thunder DC to DC charger is the smart way to charge your auxiliary battery, no matter your vehicle. Utilising a unique pulse charging algorithm with the intelligence to determine the best charge rate for your auxiliary battery (excluding lithium), this charger is the perfect addition to any vehicle requiring the management of a dual battery setup.

Thunder helps take you places you’ve never been before, making adventure more affordable and accessible for 4WD enthusiasts. Designed for the working adventurer, Thunder products have been tested and developed to handle anything you can throw at them without breaking the bank.

This product is also known as - model number TDR02020

Ashdown Ingram Product Manual


Thunder Battery Box Power Pack:

Portable power is essential for the modern day camper, with fridges and other creature comforts making a camping getaway that little bit easier.

The Thunder Battery Box provides 12 volt and 240 volt power for common devices and appliances, acting as a dual battery system to manage solar and in-vehicle charge. Featuring a 7 stage smart charger to maintain battery condition, the unit is compatible with leading vehicle batteries, including Lead Acid, Calcium, Gel and AGM up to 130Ah in size. Setting up the Battery Box is simple, with a step-by-step guide that helps you select your type of battery, remembers the last battery you used, and will warn you if there’s a fault during charge.


The Thunder Battery Box also comes with an in car charging cable to run from your 12V vehicle outlet. ***Please ensure your 12V (Cigar socket) is rated at 120w with a15Amp fuse***

 Thunder Battery Box

 Backed by Ashdown Ingram national spare parts and agent network.  

 Note: Important: Appliance guide is based on the Battery Box being fitted with a 12V 130ah deep cycle battery. Rating and running times are a guide only, dependent on the use and conditions. It is recommended to never fully discharge your batteries, as this can cause permanent damage to the cells. Battery Not included. 

Product Brochure


Short Description

Thunder Battery Box + 20Amp DC to DC Charger, 1 Year Warranty

SKU TDR02007 + TDR02020
GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) 9315275901640
Brands Thunder
Product Category Battery Chargers
Product Type 20amp DC to DC Battery Charger and Battery Box with capacity for up to 130Amp Hour sized Batteries
Output Current Rating (Amps) 20.0 Amps
Float 13.8V (Battery Charger)
Standby Current 3mA (Battery Charger)
Battery Range 18 to 250Ah (Battery Charger)
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 60°C (current derates after 60° (Battery Charger)
Output 20A (Battery Charger)
Output System Voltage 12V
Input Fuse Rating Minimum 30A (Battery Charger)
Output Fuse Rating Minimum 30A (Battery Charger)
Charging Voltage 13.1V - 15.2V (stops charging when alternator or vehicle battery below 12.2V) (Battery Charger)
Dimensions External dimensions: 440 x 240 x 327mm Internal dimensions: 330 x 180 x 238mm (Battery Box) (L x W x H)
Net Weight (kg) 6.1 Kg
Solar Input Voltage Range 13V-25V (Battery Charger)
Maximum Solar Watt Input 300W Note: Exceeding 300W of Solar will damage the Thunder DC-DC charger (Battery Charger)
Input Voltage 12.2V - 17V Note: If voltage increases over 17V the Thunder DC-DC will shut off, reset will be needed. (Battery Charger)
Manufacturers Warranty 1 Year (Battery Charger)

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Thunder Range Overview

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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Q:What size/type battery can the Thunder Battery Box take?


    The Thunder Batter Box TDR02007 can take Lead Acid, GEL, AGM, LiFePO4 and Calcium batteries. It will tailor the usage and charge rate based on your choice.
    The battery must fit within 330mm (L) x 180mm (W) x 240mm (H).

  • Q:Can I jump start vehicles with the Thunder Battery Box?


    Yes, provided the battery you’re using has high cold cranking amps and is designed to start vehicles.

  • Q:How long can I use my devices for?


    See below table for operating times:

    Thunder Images

  • Q:How can I charge the Thunder Battery Box?


    See below table for charging methods:

    Thunder Images

  • Q:What size battery charger do I need for my lead acid battery I have in my camper?

    A good battery charger rule of thumb for charging a lead acid battery, is using a charger with output current (amps) of 10-20% of the battery total stored capacity (Ah).

    So, for example if the battery is 12V 100Ah, the charger need to be minimum of 10A and maximum of 20A.  Often splitting the difference at 15% (so a 12V ~15A charger) is a good option. Happy charging!

  • Q:What type of connection is the solar input on the dc dc charger? Do you have a picture of it all wired up, or better yet, a video of how to wire it all up (a link maybe)?

    Hi There,

    All of the inputs for the DC DC charger connect to the wiring studs on the rear of the charger.

  • Q:Thanks for the response. Yes, clearly they connect to the box, but what kind of connectors are they? The DC input, negative and DC output can easily be connected with ring terminals on the end of the wire, but the Solar input has a plastic (non-conductive

    Hi Again,

    The solar positive connection is also a stud for use with ring terminals. It just has a plastic nut for screwing down with your fingers.

  • Q:Bit confused, is a battery included, if not can it charge a lithium type battery, what type size, if it comes with battery what type size is it?

    Hi There,


    No battery is supplied, but the box can chare lithium batteries.

    The battery would need to fit the internal dimensions of: 180mm (W) x 330mm (L) x 238mm (H).



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