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Powering your trip with solar has never been so easy. Take a look at our wide range of Thunder solar panel bundles below and take yourself off grid for your next Aussie adventure.


Thunder solar panels are a super convenient way to generate noise-free energy, and because solar panels don’t have any emissions, both you and the environment can benefit from clean power. Aside from the initial cost of your Thunder solar panel, generating solar is completely free, so you can sit back and enjoy your camping trip without worrying about where to buy your next round of fuel or where you can plug in to mains. Since Thunder solar panels have no mechanical parts, they are also really easy to maintain. You just need to give them a regular wipe down to keep them clean so they continue to make the most of the sun’s rays and give you maximum performance.

The Thunder range of solar panels are made from high quality monocrystalline solar cells for longevity and maximum efficiency. For a dependable source of power without the noise and pollution, check out our Thunder solar panels and battery chargers with solar input for a quieter, greener way to keep your campsite charged.