Solar Blanket Bundles

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Keeping your favourite appliances and electronics whilst travelling off grid has never been easier thanks to solar blankets. Simply unfold the blanket and as long as the sun is shining, you’ll have a reliable power source.

Solar Blankets For Camping:

One of the best things about solar blankets is that they fold up to a small, compact size – so they barely take up any room in your 4x4, car or caravan! They are also flexible, so they can be hung off the side of your vehicle or even draped over the bonnet.

Solar Blanket Bundles:

Our range of solar blanket bundles extends from a simple solar blanket and watt meter, up to a massive solar blanket, battery, battery box, watt meter, Anderson to Anderson cable and Anderson plug! We even have solar blanket bundles with the brand new Baintuff 300W Folding Solar Blanket – yes you read right, a massive 300W!

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