Thetford N4175 166 Litre 3 Way Absorption Fridge, Right Hand Hinge


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Product Description

Thetford N4175 166 Litre, 3 Way Absorption Fridge, Right Hand Hinge, 3 Year Warranty. A large, 171L double-door absorption refrigerator that stays constantly cool. This model with LCD touchscreen guarantees a cabinet temperature that is always perfect regardless the power supply (between 210 and 240V). The desired energy source is selected automatically for this refrigerator.

Thetford absorption refrigerators are silent, since this system has no moving parts in the cooling unit. Therefore absorption fridges are ideal for smaller spaces like an RV. Absorption refrigerators are 3-way, which means it operates on three different power sources:

  • ULP gas
  • 12 Volt (DC)
  • 240 Volt (AC)

A 3-way absorption refrigerator is ideal when you are off-grid for an extended period of time.


  • LCD Display
  • Automatic fans, controlled by thermo switch
  • Internal cooling fan added
  • Improved insulation
  • Modern designs
  • 350+ service agents country wide to assist with any problems


NOTE: The N4175 171L is a newer model of the N3175E 171L.

NOTE: This product is a gas appliance that must be installed by a qualified and licenced gas fitter to the current Australian Standard. Failure to do so will void the warranty and may pose a health and safety risk.

Thetford Fridge Brochure

Product Guide

Thetford N3000 Series User Manual

Thetford N3000 Series Install Guide

Spare Parts

.Product Catalogue


SKU 692613SP

Brand Thetford

GTIN 8710315002256

Warranty Period: 3 Years

Product Category Upright RV Absorption Fridges

Certified By AGA

Gas Certification Number AGA 8085 G

Product Type Absorption RV refrigerator for 12 volts, 240 volts and gas

Total Capacity (Litres) 166

Freezer Compartment (Litres) 30.3

Fridge Depth (mm) 628

Fridge Width (mm) 546

Fridge Height (mm) 1250

Door Curved

Installation Needs to be installed and certified by a qualified & licensed gas-fitter. Incorrect install will void warranty. Ensure you also refer to the Manufact

Note Door panel is included

Energy Source Selection Automatic

Usable Power Source DC / AC / Gas

Energy consumption 12V/240V 2.7kWh/24h (@ 16C) | 5.4kWh/24h (@ 32C)

Cut Out Required W532 x H1245 x D606 mm

Colour Black

Cooling Fans 2 x external fans, 1 x internal fan

Ignition Type Electric

Door Hinge Position Right Hand Hinge

Digital Display LCD Touch screen

Capacity (Litres) 135.5 L

Popular Product Applications Caravan fridge, 3 way caravan fridge, off grid fridge, Thetford caravan fridge, caravan fridge freezer

Net Weight (kg) 45

Energy Consumption Gas 400g/24h (@ 16C) | 600g/24h (@ 32C)

Size Door Panel (H x W) 275 x 469mm (frozen food) | 876 x 469mm (fresh food)


How To: Moving The Storage Shelves In A Thetford 3 Way Fridge


How To: Operating The Thetford Fridge Control Panel


N4000 new absorption fridges Thetford


N4000 How to set up N4000 A refrigerator LCD NL


Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • How do I clean my fridge?

    Cleaning tips
    • A good time to clean your refrigerator is straight after you have defrosted it.
    • Clean the refrigerator with a soft cloth and mild detergent.
    • Dust the refrigerator with a soft, moistened cloth.
    • Use a brush or soft cloth once a year to remove any dust from the condenser at the inside of the refrigerator.

    Important - Do not use soap or aggressive detergents that are abrasive or soda-based. The removable interior components of the refrigerator are not dishwasher safe.

  • Why can't I hear the refrigerator operating?

    3 Way absorption refrigerators have no compressor, therefore they run silently. This makes Thetford 3 Way Fridges the perfect solution for your RV!

  • How do I defrost my refrigerator?

    Frost will gradually build up on the condenser of the refrigerator. You should defrost the refrigerator as soon as the frost layer is about 3 mm thick. Frost reduces the refrigerating capacity and life of your refrigerator.

    • Remove the ice cube tray and all food.
    • Switch off the refrigerator.
    • Leave the refrigerator door open.
    • Place dry towels in the refrigerator to absorb the water.
    • Place trays containing hot water in the freezer compartment.
    • After defrosting (when the freezer compartment and condenser are frost-free), remove the towels and the water trays and use a cloth to dry off the refrigerator.
    • Switch the refrigerator on again.

    • Do not use force or sharp objects to remove frost.
    • Do not try to accelerate defrosting by using a hairdryer for example.

  • How do I check if my refrigerator door closes properly?

    If the door is not closed properly, frost will form in the refrigerator. Close the door with a piece of paper between the door and the refrigerator, to determine whether the door closes properly. Pull at the piece of paper. If you feel resistance, the refrigerator door closes properly. If you feel no resistance, the door does not close properly.

    Perform this test regularly on all four sides of the refrigerator door. If you find that the door does not close properly, check whether the door locking mechanism keeps the door properly shut.

  • Is it okay to defrost my fridge/freezer using a hair dryer, heat gun or boiling water?

    No, the sudden change in temperature will cause the inner surface of the fridge/freezer to distort. This will not be covered under warranty.

  • When operating on gas, do I need my caravan or motorhome to be level?

    Yes, this is a critical detail to ensure the refrigerator operates correctly.

  • What do I do if my Thetford refrigerator breaks down?

    Thetford has over 350 service representatives across Australia, ready to meet your service needs.


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