Maxwatt 8.7kVA Diesel Portable Generator with Electric Start

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Maxwatt 8.7kVA Diesel Portable Generator with Electric Start
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Product Description

Maxwatt 8.7kVA Diesel Portable Generator with Electric Start, 2 Year Warranty. The MX8500SD has been designed to complement off=grid solar power systems as it has a pre-installed 2-wire automatic start, run and stop control system.

The Maxwatt range of generators has been manufactured using only high-quality components and designed to last in the toughest conditions.

The MX8500SD diesel generator provides you with clean and stable power output and is safe for all your electronic devices including TVs, computers, and mobile phones. It is the perfect power solution for the job site, solar back up for off grid solar systems or if you are just using it for backup power at home or office.

It features a powerful, economical, quality 531cc 4 stroke air cooled engine, with (THD<5%), its perfect for powering tools, domestic appliances as well as sensitive electronics as it offers high efficiency, stable voltage, and increased output.

This generator produces 6500-watt continuous power rating, and 7000-watt peak power rating at approximately 72db, which means that you will be able to power more electrical equipment than before and is the perfect power solution for the job site, camp site or if you are just using it for backup power at home or office.

This easy to start generator boasts a 40-litre fuel tank that provides up to 12 hours of run time at 50% load or 8 hours at 100% load. It is electric start and is fitted with a 12-volt maintenance free lead acid battery, , never run flat wheels and telescopic handles for easy transportation.

It is equipped with 1 x 15 Amp 240 Volt IP66 and 1 x 32 Amp 240 Volt IP66 socket outlets.

With this Easy-to-Use diesel generator, you can safely enjoy your electronics or small appliances with a quieter and safer power solution compared to traditional generators.

Backed with a two-year warranty, the Maxwatt generator is designed and manufactured to provide you with peace of mind and the power when you need it!


  • Portable design
  • THD >5%
  •  Smart Gen Digital Controller
  •  2 Wire Auto Start
  •  Low Noise 72 dB
  •  Emergency Stop Button
  •  4 Wheels for easy transportation.
  • IP66 Outlets

Product Card

Product Manual



Brand MaxWatt

GTIN 9356905000319

Warranty Period: 2 Years

Product Category Portable Generators

kVA 8.7

Max Output (kW) 7.0

Fuel Tank Capacity 18L

Starting Method Electric Start

Net Weight (kg) 150

Running Time (Rated Output) 12H (50% load) | 8H (100% load)

Rated Power 6500W

Voltage 240V

Displacement 531cc

Product Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 930 x 580 x 785

Max Output 7000W

Oil Capacity 1.65ml

Frequency 50 Hz

Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • What is the difference between the AVR and inverter MaxWatt generators?

    1. Inverter generators produce pure sine wave electricity, making them a safer option for smaller electronics, such as mobile phone, and laptop chargers.

    2. Conventional generators are able to produce more power, and are cheaper. The inverter models also are lighter and easier to carry around. The MaxWatt inverter generators are also quieter than the AVR generators, which can be good for home backup, as well as some businesses.

  • What warranty does the MaxWatt generator come with?

    All MaxWatt generators come with a 2 year warranty or 500 running hours whichever comes first.

    However, if you are using it commercially, it is 300 running hours or 2 years.

  • How do I maintain the life of my generator?

    Firstly, as a safety note, always stop the engine and let the generator cool down before starting any maintenance work. The five main general tips are;

    1. Replace engine oil
    2. Check spark plug, replace if necessary
    3. Check fuel level and ensure it is fresh fuel (fuel left for a long time can go "off")
    4. Check air filter, replace if necessary
    5. Clean muffler cover and check spark arrestor

    For further maintenance help, you should take your generator to a small engine specialist or an accredited generator service technician.

  • Will this generator fit my slide out tray?

    Good question!

    All the MaxWatt Generators are similar in size to the other leading generators in the market. This means that it shouldn’t be an issue to fit a MaxWatt into your caravan storage space.

    However, we do recommend measuring the space and checking the dimensions of the specific model prior to purchase.

  • Can this generator run my air conditioner?

    Great question!

    When buying a generator to run anything in your caravan or motorhome, it is important that you first know what air conditioner you are using.

    You will need to know the specifications of the air conditioner to ensure you know the running power and starting power requirements. When you know the specifications of the air conditioner, you're able to check if the generator is strong enough to use. MaxWatt has created a great table to compare their models - please click here to find it 

  • Are these generators hard to move?

    The larger models have wheels and handles, while the smaller units have a lifting handle, for ease of moving. This ensures that no matter what size you get, the MaxWatt generators are easy to maneuver.

  • What fuel do I use with this generator?

    The MaxWatt generators are all suitable for a standard grade unleaded fuel, including regular, premium and ultra premium. There is no need to add any oil to the fuel, as they are fuel efficient.

  • Are MaxWatt generators reliable?

    Yep, they sure are! MaxWatt are a family owned and operated business that was established in Brisbane in 2017. These units are a budget, but reliable option for an inverter generator. Compared to other models in the same price range, the MaxWatt come with a 2 years manufacturer warranty.

  • Are the MaxWatt generators built to Australian standards?

    Yes, these generators are manufactured specifically for the Australian market, and are therefore compliant. They are all 4-stroke petrol engines with overhead valves that comply with Australian standards.

  • Is the MX8500SD water cooled or air cooled?

    The Maxwatt 8.7kVA Diesel Portable Generator with Electric Start is an air cooled unit.


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