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Product Description

Gentech Petrol 8kVA, powered by Honda, 2 Year Warranty. The perfect size for trade and construction applications, this generator has all the features you need – and then some. The Honda GX390 delivers its legendary power with exceptional fuel economy and reliability. With a 6.1 litre fuel tank and recoil start, the generator runs straight for almost three hours at 80% load.

Featuring 2 x 15 Amp outlets, the generator powers drills, pumps, jackhammers, and saws around the farm or jobsite. Optional add-ons include the long-range fuel tank, RCD earth leakage protection, electric start, wheel kit, wheelbarrow kit and lifting bar kit to create the all-purpose high-performance trade generator you’ve been searching for.

8kVA is the most common size for construction sites and agricultural portable power requirements.

Designed for:

  • Construction & Trade
  • Hire & Rental
  • Farm & Rural
  • Backup Power
  • Shires & Councils
  • Government
The package is complete with a 2 year generator warranty backed by a national service network. The Honda engine comes with a 3 year warranty.

This product is ‘Honda Australia Approved’ - meaning that the Honda engine used in an Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) product, has been engine match tested by Honda Australia, is a genuine Honda engine and meets their strict quality and operational standards, and is backed by their national service agent network. The following table outlines the new extended warranty for the different Honda engine types:

Honda Engine Warranty



Brand Gentech

GTIN 9334786000109

Warranty Period: 2 Years

Product Category Portable Generators

kVA 8

Max Output (kW) 7.1

Continuous Output (kW) 7.1

Max Output (Watts) 7100

Continuous Output (Watts) 7100

Fuel Unleaded Petrol

Fuel Tank Capacity 6.1L

Starting Method Recoil

Outlets 2 x 15 Amp outlets

Cont. Working Time 2.24hrs @ 80% load

Engine Honda GX390

Alternator Type NSM

Product Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 810 x 550 x 540 mm (L x W x H)

Wheel Kit 2 Wheel Kit

Engine Warranty 4 year warranty

Engine Warranty 3 year Engine Warranty

NOTE Product specifications provided by Manufacturer. This is a portable air-cooled petrol generator designed for short term/standby applications - for pri

Frequency 50Hz

Voltage 230V

Noise @ 7m 74 dBA

Net Weight (kg) 80


8kVA Honda Powered Petrol Generator; the number 1 choice for Trade and Farming applications:


Gentech Generators - Power You Can Trust


Customer Reviews

8Kva generator Review by
Fantastic value
(Posted on 16 November 2018)
A cracking experience start to finish Review by
A fantastic and reliable generator. Starts first time every time. Quiet and consistent!
(Posted on 31 October 2018)
GOOD Review by
(Posted on 11 September 2018)
Excellent Review by
Really happy with the generator. Reliable with plenty of power and suprisingly quiet.
(Posted on 13 May 2017)

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All the power I need Review by
Thank you for supplying the 8kva generator the unit gives me all the on site power that I need to run my equipment. I cannot speak high enough about this honda product.
(Posted on 17 April 2016)

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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Can this generator run a welder?

    Hi John, an 8kVA conventional generator like this model is a good size to run a standard stick welder up to around 180amp. 

    When you start going above that in terms of welder sizing, you may need a bigger generator. We always recommend that you contact the manufacturer of your welder (e.g. Unimig, Cigweld etc.) and ask their advice on what size generator they would advise for your particular make and model of welder. In our experience, the technical departments of the leading welding manufacturers are very helpful in advising the best generator size for their welder models. 

    Many thanks.

  • Hi, there are two generators listed, one is a Gentech, one is a Dunlite - They look similar, but slightly different pricing. What is the difference in the generators? Regards, Neville

    Hi Neville, great question. Dunlite & Gentech are both built / distributed by an Australian company called Welling & Crossley. They have been Australian owned and operated since 1926, and are recognised as an Australian leader in the manufacture and supply of petrol & diesel power equipment and generating sets for industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

    Welling & Crossley's range of portable generators has always been Gentech. Then around 20 years ago, they acquired a similar portable generator brand in Dunlite. Each brand has excellent recognition throughout Australia. So both brands now come out of the same Welling & Crossley factory and so the models are not just similar, but the same – either branded ‘Gentech’ or ‘Dunlite’.

    In the instance where the price is slightly different, this just relates to stock levels and availability of that particular model. In any case, there are Dunlite/Gentech portable petrol generators from around 2kVA to 16kVA in size, mostly powered by genuine Honda engines and are the trusted option for tradesmen, farmers, industrial applications, domestic requirements, small businesses and much more... similarly, the Dunlite/Gentech diesel portable generator models up to around 9kVA in size are powered by the likes of Lister Petter and Kohler engines and used for all matter of commercial, industrial and rural power requirements.

    All Gentech/Dunlite products are backed by comprehensive warranties from the manufacturer (Welling & Crossley) and come with national service agent and spare parts support. Thanks. 

  • Could this genny be connected to my house mains to provide automatic backup power during a blackout? I imagine I would need a switch or connection of sorts to connect to the mains panel?

    Hi Scott - good question! Unfortunately, for automatic start the short answer is no: not this type of generator.

    To connect to your house mains electricity and provide automatic power backup, you need to connect an AMF (automatic mains failure) Panel to a two wire auto start generator. So the first thing you need to do is to look at the auto-start generator range; Pramac, Powerlite  and Generac have models designed specifically for this purpose. All the generators in this range are fitted with two wire auto start and can be connected to your main switchboard via an AMF Panel (an additional accessory) that signals to start the generator in the event of a mains power failure. The installation needs to be done by a qualified electrician.

    However, for this Generator, you can talk to an electrician about fitting a transfer switch between the generator and your home switch board. This will provide backup power to your home, but you will need to manually start the generator - it will not start automatically as explained above.  


  • Do the Gentech Generators use Genuine Honda Engines?

    Hi Glen, thanks for your question. The answer is a definite yes! The Gentech Petrol Generators use 100% authentic Honda engines purchased from Honda Australia. The engines come with a full 4 year commercial warranty on their GX model engines, along with a 2 year generator warranty for frame, alternator etc. You can have the engine serviced or inspected by any approved Honda service agent around the country - there are more than 400 accredited service agents.

    We are aware of some cheaper brands using imported "Honda" engines in generators and other power equipment which are not authentic engines from Honda Australia. We do not stock any products that use non-verified Honda engines. Gentech have over 20 years of Australian Generator experience and along with Dunlite and Powerlite, they are one of our best-selling portable trade generator brands. They are built in Australia and designed for longevity and to handle demanding working environments.

    Cheers, Steve



  • What is the power output wave form? Pure sine wave, modified sine wave?

    Hi Jeff, this is a conventional generator using a brushless alternator that produces a power output with harmonic distortion of +/- 5%.

    conventional generator is designed to run appliances with resistive and heavy loads, e.g. power tools, farming equipment, domestic applainces without microprocessors. Conventional generators can handle 'overloading' for short periods, where an appliance will surge (usually when starting up) briefly. However, conventional generators are not intended to run sensitive electronic equipment (e.g. TV's, laptops, mobile phones etc.). Conventional generators are built tough and are popular for trade, construction, farming, industrial use, plus certain domestic requirements. 

    The type of generator that produces pure sine wave output is an inverter generatorAn inverter generator can run sensitive electronic equipment. Note that Inverter generators cannot handle large 'overloading' that conventional generators can. Too much overload on an inverter generator will cause the generator 'trip the breaker' and stop producing power. These inverter generators are quiet, fuel efficient and are designed for recreational use, small home backup, DIY tasks, small mobile business and small events. 

     Finally, its worth mentioning AVR Generators This type of generator has an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) fitted, so they reduce large voltage fluctuations that can potentially damage appliances. These types of generators are commonly used for Domestic backup applications and small business backup requirements. 

  • How is it that this generator has 15Amp outlets, but the generator's power rating is greater than 15Amps? (as 15Amps equates to 3600watts on a 240Volt appliance). Presumably you can get more than 15Amps out of the outlets then?

    Yes, that is correct. A 15 Amp outlet can deliver more power than 15 Amps for a short period, as there is no circuit breaker fitted to the generator as standard. You can briefly pull the full rated power amount of the generator (continuous and maximum) through the 15 Amp outlet.. noting that this is only for a short time - i.e. when you are first starting up an appliance such as a comprossor, drop saw, air conditioner etc. it may draw around 30 Amps (as an example) to start up, and then drop back down to 10 Amps to keep running.  

    However, if your appliance draws more than 15 Amps continuously, it is not recommended you run it for prolonged periods from a 15 Amp outlet, as it is likely to result in overheating issues. It may be prudent to consider re-fitting the outlets to a larger size to fit your continuous power requirement (i.e. 20 Amp, or 32 Amp outlet for example) - this can be configured upon request at extra cost. Thank you.

  • Can the electric start be retro fitted to this unit?

    Hi - no the electric start cannot be retro-fitted to the standard unit. You can order the unit as an electric start model though - this electric start model model is powered by a Honda IGX390 engine (a slightly different engine to the standard Honda GX390 engine). You can select this option in the accessories list on the product page. 

  • What additions do I need to have on the generator to ensure it is Work Cover Approved?

    Hi Luke - The additional Work Cover features on a generator are;  Earth Leakage Protection, Weatherproof Outlets and Rollover Frame. 8kVA is our most popular sized trade generator and brands like Powerlite, Gentech, Dunlite and Crommelins Subaru have 8kVA models in standard, or as a Work Cover Approved. 


  • Need some advice; I have a small farm, looking so do some minor property work occasionally. Only one appliance at a time; Drill, circular saw, grinder and possibly small welder. Would this unit be suitable?

    Hi Martin, yes this this generator is likely to be a great portable power solution for your farm; it's a common choice for farmers, tradesmen, builders and professional contractors. 

    Ideally you would know the exact wattage draw for each of your appliances to be certain the generator will have enough power. However as mentioned, an 8kVA generator such as this one is very popular for running drills, saws, grinders, small to medium welders etc.on worksites and farms.

    This unit is made in Australia and powered by a Honda engine, so if you ever need it serviced or repaired, there are over 400 approved service agents around the country. 

    Thanks, Steve

  • Can these successfully charge mobile phones etc or do we need some type of inverter?

    Hi Ross, this is a conventional style generator designed for running tools and power does not produce pure sine wave power which you require for sensitive electronic appliances such as mobile phones, laptops etc.

    The type of generator that produces pure sine wave and can be used safely to charge mobile phones and other sensitive electronic equipment is an Inverter Generator. Gentech have a similarly sized inverter Generator powered by Kohler which you can view HERE

  • What horsepower motor could this generator handle given that the start up current could be up to 6 times the running current?

    Hi there, a typical 2 horsepower motor (i.e. from a compressor) has a running requirement of around 2000 watts and starting of around 6000 watts. So this 8kVA generator would be suitable for that typical 2 horsepower example. 

    However if your particular appliance draws 6 times at start up, I would recommend you get an exact reading on the start up wattage - either by speaking to the manufacturer of your product or having an electrician take a wattage reading. Depending on your particular appliance, you may require a larger generator. 

    Many thanks 

  • Can I use this generator to charge my power tool batteries?

    Hi there,

    Charging battery packs is fine from a conventional generator, we'd recommend having a steady load on the generator and don't connect appliances that will cause the load to jump around during charging.


  • How will it go running a small inverter welder say around 160amps?

    Hi, for welders; we always recommend you give the manufacturer of your welder a call (e.g. Unimig, Cigweld etc.) and ask them two things:

    1. What size generator do they recommend to run your particular welder model?
    2. What type of generator is required to run your model? (i.e. is an inverter generator required?)

    Typically, a conventional style 7-8kVA generator (like this one) will run a large number of welder models on the market, however some models require more power and a certain power type. So, its best to double check with the welding manufacturer to ensure you get the right generator for your particular welder make/model.


  • I have a 3hp Air Compressor and need a generator to run it. Will the Gentech 8kva be big enough?

    Yes, The gentech 8kva Generator is actually fitted with a large 9.5kva alternator, which gives it the extra capacity to handle a 3hp compressor.

    We work off a general rule of 1hp = 3kva


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    For details relating to our delivery process CLICK HERE

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