Medium Petrol Generators (7kva to 8kva)

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Looking for a powerful, reliable andportable generatorsto use inyourjob site, farm, home or on the road? Your search stops here. These medium petrol generators ranging from 7kVA to 8kVA are suitable for construction, farming, backup power, council use and more.

They’re designed to be easy to transport, which makes them the ideal portable power solution for when you’ve got work to do around the farm, or when you need power at the building site. An 8kVA generator is the most common size for construction sites and agricultural portable power requirements. If you want to run power tools, an 8kVA generator can sort it out.

Portable Power That Gets The Work Done

Want to find a reliable and budget-friendly generator to suit your requirements? Our range of medium petrol generators has got it covered. Find a selection of 8kVA generators, one of the most popular sizes around for jobs sites and farms. Why? Because it’s enough power for hand tools, small to medium work appliances, such as drills, saws, smaller welders, pressure washers, small to medium pumps, and more.All this is packed into a compact and portable 8kVA generator, which is ready to get the job done. We are proud to stock Gentech, Dunlite, Genelite, Powerlite and Pramac generators.