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Product Description

The Dometic CRX140 is now discontinued, and no longer available. Please find the NEW NRX 130C that is replacing the Dometic CRX140 !

Dometic CRX140, CoolMatic built-in 135L refrigerator. A 2-Way Fridge-Freezer for 12 / 24 volts DC and 100-240 volts AC operation, designed for recreational vehicles. 

This latest CRX140 model replaces the previous Dometic Waeco CR-1140 model.  The new CRX range has the same physical dimensions as the previous CR models, but slightly improved performance including;  greater temperature control, reduced noise, and better energy efficiency. Full details outlined below. 

There is no requirement for an extra adaptor to operate the fridge on 240Volts power source. 

The well-proven Dometic WAECO CoolMatic refrigerator series provide outstanding energy efficient refrigeration for built-in mobile applications such as Caravans, Motorhomes, Houseboats, Yachts and other recreational vehicles. Their operation is reliable even in tilted positions and high ambient temperatures.

Key Features of new CRX range:

  • Custom built Dometic Waeco compressor (Variable speed compressor) replaces Secop (Danfoss) compressor from previous models
  • Improvement in energy consumption (-10% to -30%)
  • Digital/LED interface with precise control and improved interior lighting
  • Greater Temperature control with LAC (Low Ambient Control) – no need for adding winter kit accessory like previous models. The winter mode ensures optimum operation at ambient temperature of below 16 °C
  • Drainage plug system for easy cleaning
  • Better air-ventilation and durability of the hot side
  • Ambient temperature driven Fan Speed to reduce noise (at 38°C fan runs with higher speed)
  • Variable door mounts & hinges right (standard)/left
  • Door with double lock (top/bottom) & dual function (locking/ventilation)
  • Shelves, racks, hinges, door and door lock are the same as previous models to allow sharing of parts if needed
  • Installation frame (Standard or Flush Mount) accessory options. See Accessories List above
Waeco CR-1140 Brochure

Installation Guide



Brand Dometic

GTIN 6951218407904

Warranty Period: 3 Years

Product Category Upright RV Compressor Fridges

Fridge Voltage 12 / 24 / 240 V

Product Type Dometic WAECO CRX CoolMatic series compressor driven refrigerator for 12 / 24 volts DC and 100-240 volts AC operation, designed for recreational vehic

Total Capacity (Litres) 135

Freezer Compartment (Litres) 11

Temperature range Freezer: -18 °C to -6 °C, Fridge: 3 °C to 12 °C

Fridge Depth (mm) 620

Fridge Width (mm) 525

Fridge Height (mm) 815

Insulation CFC-free polyurethane foam

Avg Power Consumption approx. 65 watts

Colour Body: black, door frame: silver, door panel: matt-silver (brushed stainless steel appearance)

Voltage 12 / 24 Volts DC and 240 Volts AC

Net Weight (kg) 31

Cut Out Required (With Flush Frame): 551(w) x 817(h) x 619(d) mm

Cut Out Required (With Standard Frame): 529(w) x 817(h) x 569(d) mm

Popular Product Applications Caravan fridge, Dometic caravan fridge, caravan compressor fridge, Waeco upright fridge, 12 volt compressor caravan fridge

System Fully hermetic Waeco compressor with integrated control electronics, low-voltage protection, electronic fuse/automatic reverse pole protection, one NT

Installation Refer to the Product Manual / Installation Guide for installation instructions from the manufacturer. For optimal performance of RV compressor fridges

Power consumption (DC 12V) 1.2 Ah/h (@12 V, +5.5 °C Fridge, -16°C Freezer , 25 °C ambient temperature) setting 3

Product Material Stainless steel fittings, plastic interior, plastic door frame, vinyl coated steel door panel, body with coated metal frame

Note Testing/Certificates: GS, CE, E4, EMC, RCM

Climate Class T


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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • The manual refers to a red/black cable to connect to the battery. But all I can find is a white/black cable?

    Yes it is a white/black cable. Simply follow the cable back to the compressor model to see which is labelled as negative and which is positive.

    For any Waeco technical support simply call 1800 212 121. Thanks!

  • How often do I need to service my Dometic RV/Caravan appliances?

    Dometic recommend servicing their gas appliances on a yearly basis, even if the vehicle has not been used. Additionally, bear in mind that insects can built nests in the gas appliances which will cause the appliances to stop working. It can also cause potentially dangerous scenarios.

    For other appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, to ensure the appliances to work efficiently and last longer it is recommended to clean the condenser.

  • Hi, what compressor is used in the Waeco CoolMatic CR fridges?

    Hi Jake;  the Waeco CoolMatic CR range of fridges use a Secop compressor. 

    In Summer 2016, Dometic Waeco will release a newer version of these models known as the Waeco CoolMatic CRX range, and these fridges use a Waeco compressor. These newer models are available in the same size, and offer a couple of additional benefits such as removable freezer compartment, slightly reduced noise, and slightly better energy efficiency.  


  • The manual for the latest CRX models mentions that you need a MPS 35 Rectifier (listed as an accessory) if you plan on connecting to 12v and 240v, is this correct and where are they available from and the cost?

    Hi James, great question. The latest version of the Dometic CRX Manuals do make reference to an MPS Rectifier as an accessory... which is a little confusing because you definitely do NOT need this rectifier to run any of the Dometic CRX models on AC (240 Volt) mains power. All of the Dometic CRX models can be operated directly on a 12/24V DC or 240V AC power source. 

    The reason it is mentioned in the manual is that it is a universal manual, intended for a world wide audience...and there are some versions of the CRX models sold in other parts of the world (outside Australia) which are slightly different than the models in Australia. 

    In summary;  the latest versions of the Dometic Waeco CRX Compressor RV Fridges that we sell here in Australia do NOT need any sort of adaptor or rectifier to be able to run on either DC or AC power. Many thanks. 


  • Can you confirm which Dometic Waeco CRX models have the LAC (Low Ambient Control) (winter kit) fitted as standard? The CRX product manual states only CRX 110 & 140 models have this fitted.

    Hi there, the Winter Kit/LAC function is built into the Dometic Waeco CRX110 & CRX140 models only. These two CRX models have a permanent freezer (the 3 smaller CRX models have a removeable freezer). The LAC winter mode ensures optimum operation at ambient temperature of below 16°C.

    There is no LAC function inbuilt to the CRX80/65/50 models...nor can a 'winter kit' be fitted to these 3 smaller models.

    The Dometic CRX units are tropical rated fridges, which the specified operating temperature is 18-43°C. They will still maintain a normal fridge compartment temperature when the ambient is lower than 18°C, but will cycle off for longer periods, and depending on stock level the freezer temp may rise...Hint: if the freezer is stocked fully with dense products, then the temp will hold over for longer in the off cycle. 

    Many thanks

  • With regards to the Dometic Waeco Upright fridge models. Can I choose which side of the door the hinge goes on?


    Some models require the customer to choose a hinge position prior to delivery. You will notice a Left Or Right Hand hinge option on the product page.

    With all the other models you will be supplied with a hinge conversion kit. The door will come with the hinge on the right hand side as standard. You can easily change it over using the kit. Feel free to view the Installation instructions on the product page for each model.

  • Does the fridge auto select between 12v/24v?

    Hi - Yes it does!

    Thank you :)

  • Hi Mygenerator.Re installing CRX140. I understand maximum space and ventilation behind fridge however should thermal insulation be placed on sides and top of fridge when mounted in caravan cabinet?ThanksDon

    Hi Don,

    There is no requirement for insulation to be installed with the fridge.

  • Hi there, what does the cabinet wide need to be for ventilation?Thank Steve, I want to buy one soon, however after I build the cabinet. Many thanks, Patrick

    Hi Patrick, for the CRX140, the cut-out measurements required are:

    Cut-out Required (Door Flush) -  (mm): 551(w) x 817(h) x 619(d)

    Cut-out Required (Door Outside) - (mm): 529(w) x 817(h) x 569(d)

    Many thanks. 

  • I was told the Waeco CRX has removable freezer compartments- is that correct for all models?

    Hi Sam, in the CRX range, only the CRX50, CRX65, and the CRX80 models have a removable freezer compartment. 

    The two larger models in the ranf (CRX110 and CRX1140) do not have a removable freezer. Thanks

  • Is the frame (Standard or Flush frame) required as part of installing the CRX fridge?

    Hi there, the answer is No. The frame is not required as part of the install. The frame is an option to help with presentation within your cabinetry; it tidies up the fridge perimeter in either a flush style or standard style (fridge door sits out proud). So the frame is just an option. 

    The fridge is fixed to your vehicle typically by the screw holes in the floor and there are side screw holes as well. Thanks.   


  • We currently have an old Waeco CR model refrigerator in our camper. How is the performance and offering of the newer CRX models in comparison?

    Hi there, the latest versions of the Dometic Waeco Compressor fridge-freezers are known as the 'CRX' range, which replace the old CR models.  The new CRX range has the same physical dimensions as the previous CR models, but slightly improved performance including;  greater temperature control, reduced noise, and better energy efficiency. More specifically:

    • Custom built Dometic Waeco compressor (Variable speed compressor) replaces Secop (Danfoss) compressor from previous models
    • Improvement in energy consumption (-10% to -30%)
    • Tropical rated:  designed and rated to work up to 43 degrees C
    • Interior Temperature Range:  Freezer -15 °C to -5 °C, Fresh: 3 °C to 12 °C, rapid cooling (without freezer): min. -6 °C ± 2 °C
    Our staff use them in their personal RV's and our customers have provided excellent feedback. We would not hesitate in recommending them. Many thanks. 
  • Are the Waeco CRX Fridges Tropical Rated?

    Hi there, yes is the answer. The Waeco CoolMatic CRX range is classified as having a Climatic Class of 'T'. 

    Fridges graded 'T' (which stands for Tropical) are designed and rated to work up to 43 degrees C. Thanks.

  • Will a 2 litre milk, or orange juice bottle fit in the lower door shelf of the CRX140?If so, how many 2 litre bottles will fit across the door?

    Hi There, Yes the fridge is large enough for a 2L milk bottle. You would be able to fit about 4 bottles on the lower shelf. Thanks

  • Will the crx stand up to life in an offroad camper or should I be looking at the cfx models

    Hi There,

    Provided the fridge is installed correctly, we see no reason why the CRX range of fridges would not survive in an off grid camper.


  • It's listed as 65W avg power consumption. Would you please confirm if this the average over 24hrs or just when the compressor runs.

    Hi There,

    The 65W average rating is when the fridge is connected to mains power. 

    This would be an average over 24 hours as tested by the manufacturer.

  • Do you have a 2 way that will fit into the space to replace a 3 way rm2553?

    Hi There,

    The closest option we would have is the following:


  • I have had nothing but trouble with my RM2455fridge due to being on uneaven ground Will theCRX 140 2 way fridge fit into old fridge space Can you give me a price and delivery to my address Thanks

    Hi There,

    The CRX140 will fit in the opening, however it will be smaller in all dimensions.

    The fridge is currently $1,669 inc gst delivered.

  • is the door left and right open option thanks

    Hi There,

    This fridge does have the ability to be hinged on the right or left side.

    Instructions on how to change the hinge side will come with the fridge.

  • Our cx140 fridge is constantly running. Should it turn off at all?

    Hi There

    I would suggest contacting a Dometic Service Agent if you are concerend about how your fridge is running.

    Kind Regards

  • Will this fridge tolerate operating in a semi-closed space? E.g. Mounted to the side wall of the cockipit on a boat.

    Hi, it is advised that there is sufficient ventilation around the refrigerator, especially behind it near the cooling unit. 

    The fridge does not come with mounting brackets. However, there are four screw holes inside the base of the fridge that allows you to fix the fridge to the floor.

    Hope that helps - cheers, Steve

  • Is the price the same for Left Hand hinge? How do I order?

    Hi, the Dometic Waeco CRX range of upright RV fridges come with variable door mounts & hinges, so they can either be left hand hinge, or right hand hinge. They come delivered right hinged as standard, but you can easily change them over to a left hand hinge. So there is no price difference when it comes to hinge side, it is the same unit and you can choose what side hinge you want to use. 

    In terms of placing an order, you can either add it to the shopping cart on the website, and then fill in your delivery and payment details online...or, you can call us on 1300 400 122 and place an order over the phone with our team. Many thanks :)

  • At what voltage will the fridge shut down?

    Hi, The refrigerator can be operated with a 12 V or a 24 V DC voltage supply.  To protect the battery, the refrigerator switches off automatically if the voltage is insufficient:

    12V cut-off voltage:  10.4 Volts

    24V cut-off voltage:  22.8 Volts

  • ** Dometic Troubleshooting Tip ** - Try the fridge on 240 V AC mains power

    If it works normally on 240 v mains power, then the problem is almost certainly with your vehicle wiring, not the fridge.

  • ** Dometic Troubleshooting Tip ** - Is the Fuse In the Cable Blown?

    There is a fuse in the plug of most Dometic fridge cables.  The fuse can be accessed by removing the single screw.  Replace the fuse (with the same rating as original fuse) and reassemble.  This is not a common problem, but it can happen and should be the firwt thing to check.

  • ** Dometic Troubleshooting Tip ** - Have you cut or extended the cable supplied?

    Unless you do this correctly you will prevent your fridge from getting enough voltage to operate correctly.  The cable provided is the minimum thickness required for that length.


For details relating to this product's warranty CLICK HERE


    For details relating to our delivery process CLICK HERE

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