Baintech 150 watt Pocket Inverter

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Baintech 150 watt Pocket Inverter, 1 year warranty. The Baintech 150W Power Inverter gives you access to AC power wherever you need it. The inverter converts Direct Current (DC) electricity from a battery to Alternating Current (AC) electricity which is the standard utility power you find at home. Your Baintech 150W Power Inverter can be used with accessories such as smart phones, laptops, camera chargers, toy and drone chargers, shavers, small power tools and more. It also has three fast charging USB ports delivering 5V, up to 5.0A current to small phones and iPads.


  • Access AC power. 
  • Converts DC electricity to AC electricity.
  • Use with various accessories. 
  • Fast charging USB port. 

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Brand Baintech

Product Category Accessories

Watts (W) 150

Model BT150INV

Outlets USB 5V/5A

Dimensions (WxHxL mm) 105 x 80 x 30

Input Voltage 12VDC

NOTE: see full product specifications & further product info in the section on this page.

Q & A

  • Can I run an inverter from AGM or Gel batteries?

    The short answer is yes. People have been running 240V inverters from AGM batteries long before lithium was around. But people have traditionally used a lot lower AC current devices when caravan and camping than they do today.

    Inverters were never intended to run air conditioners, microwaves , coffee machines and the like.....that is until lithium came into the RV market.

    For low current devices (under 600W) it is fine to connect an inverter to your AGM battery system. AGM batteries can put out low current for a long period of time. When you need to go near 1000W or more , then you should consider a lithium battery.

    You can connect an inverter to AGM batteries but you need a lot larger size batteries than lithium (to cope with the high current).

    A general rule of thumb for AGM or GEL batteries is a 1000W inverter should be coupled with 2 x 120A batteries and a 2000W inverter will need 3 x 120Ah batteries.

    Conversely, some 100Ah lithium batteries (Enerdrive, Invicta) can power a 1000W inverter and some 200Ah lithium batteries (Enerdrive) will power a 2000W inverter.

  • What kind of sine wave did this inverter output?

    HI There,

    Unfortunately Baintech do not advise what the sine wave output is on this inverter, sorry.

  • will this inverter power a 21inch teac television

    Hi there,

    Without knowing how much the TV draws we cannot be 100% certain. That said, we would not expect the television to draw much and suspect that it might work.


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Good product - Prompt delivery

23 November 2020

As described, a compact inverter though it makes a bit more fan noise than I anticipated.

Excellent value for money

13 November 2020

Well built and good value basic inverter for recharging laptop from 12V in camper van. Quality build and quiet cooling fan make this a useful addition for camping when a laptop 240V charger needs to be used. Great value.


Warranty Period: 1 Year

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