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Powershot PS3395, Petrol Kohler Pressure Washer, 3300PSI

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Powershot PS3395, Petrol Kohler Pressure Washer, 3300PSI Review  |  Q&A  | 

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Powershot 15ft (5m) Telescopic wand 5 sections

Powershot 15ft (5m) Telescopic wand 5 sections

Powershot Monster 15 Metre Pressure Washer Extension Hose, 3/8"

Powershot Monster 15 Metre Pressure Washer Extension Hose, 3/8"

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Quick Overview

Powershot PS3395, Petrol Kohler Pressure Washer, 3300PSI, 1 Year Warranty

Product Description

Currently FREE with the Powershot PS3395, Petrol Kohler Pressure Washer is a Powershot QC Turbo Nozzle (RRP $101)!

Powershot QC Turbo Nozzle

Powershot PS3395, Petrol Kohler Pressure Washer, 3300PSI. Made in the USA, 1 year warranty.

The PS3395 has been manufactured with you in mind. Featuring the heavy duty SH265 Kohler engine combined with the latest Powerboost technology for serious cleaning performance guaranteed. With 3300psi at your disposal alongside the AAA brass head axial pump, this machine will see you through all your tough domestic and lighter commercial/industrial cleaning tasks.

Overall, this is a high quality, well priced cleaning machine that will serve you well at home or work for many, many years to come. 

Features and Equipment:

  • Kohler SH265 SH Series Engine with low oil protection
  • AAA Cougar series triplex pump
  • Heavy gauge professional chassis
  • 10" Pneumatic tyres
  • 3/8 8m Super tough high pressure monster hose
  • Pro-style spray gun & wand with QC nozzles
  • Downstream detergen injection system for convenient use of detergents
  • Powerboost technology for higher pressure at nozzle
  • Integrated unloader with easy start
  • Weight 37kg


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Short Description

Powershot PS3395, Petrol Kohler Pressure Washer, 3300PSI, 1 Year Warranty

SKU PS3395
GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) 9421026700315
Brands Powershot
Product Type Petrol Powered Pressure Washer: Top level domestic / light commercial machine
Max. Pressure (PSI) 3300.0 PSI
Flow Rate L/Min 9.5 Litres / minute
Operating Pressure (continuously adjustable) 227 bar, 3300 psi
Engine Kohler SH265 6.5HP engine
Rated Pressure 3300PSI
Max. Water Temperature max. 40 °C
Nozzles 03 size nozzle
Motor Speed 3600 rpm
Net Weight (kg) 37.0 Kg
Product Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 1200 x 720 x 590
Included 8m Super Duty Hose, Trigger Gun with Dial ‘N’Wash, S/S Lance
Manufacturers Warranty 12 Month Domestic Warranty 5 year pump head warranty
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Product Faqs

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  • Q:I'm looking at a petrol pressure washer for preparing a roof to re-paint. The roof is old, it has a lot of built up rust and tough grime, and the old paint needs to be stripped off. What size machine do I need?

    Hi Tom, great question. Based on your described requirement, I would recommend you opt for a professional grade petrol pressure washer. For a heavier roof clean as you have described, you will need a washer powered by a minimum 8 horsepower sized engine. The cleaning specifications you are looking for would be a minimum of around 3500PSI and a flow rate of 14 litres per minute or above. This sized pressure washer will strip the roof back to a state ready to re-paint and it will do it in satisfactory time.   

    I would also suggest that you use a Turbo Head nozzle (these are often an extra accessory for many pressure cleaners), which are great for tough cleaning jobs: the nozzle will spin at a fine degree spray with the water hitting the surface area from multiple angles, which quickly breaks down caked-on dirt and grime.

    For any roof cleaning job, you will likely also need an extension hose which is another optional accessory for most pressure washer models.

    For lighter roof cleaning requirements where the roof is not as old and you don’t need to strip off rust etc. you can opt for a smaller petrol machines powered by a 5-7 horsepower sized engine and would have a pressure rating of around 2500 – 3500 PSI, with flow rate of around 9-12 litres/minute. These are classified as light trade/heavy domestic machines, which are slightly cheaper than professional grade machines, making them a great price proposition. People do use these slightly smaller machines for jobs similar to your description, however they will take a longer time to complete the task.    

    Brands such as Powershot, Gerni, Crommelins and Jetwave all have high quality models for both professional and light trade/heavy domestic requirements. Thanks. 



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