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We recommend a Powerlite generator for a wide range of trade, construction, agriculture and professional contractor requirements for one good reason: their quality and reliability are second to none. We’ve collected all our Powerlite generator best-sellers in one place so you can easily find the right match for your application.


If you’re looking for a generator designed for Australian customers and the harsh Australian conditions, a Powerlite generator won’t let you down. Powerlite is a trusted Australian generator manufacturer with over 50 years’ experience. In fact, they’re one of our top selling trade generator brands here at My Generator.

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If you need a 3 phase generator, check out the Powerlite generators powered by the world-class engines of Honda or Briggs & Stratton. They can power portable electric tools and appliances and have excellent motor starting and welder performance. For worksites, you’ll find Worksite approved Powerlite generators with all the extras you need for safe and compliant performance. Our bestselling range also includes Powerlite generators with 20-litre long-range fuel tanks, auto start controller, electric start and more. Whatever you’re looking for in a generator, the Powerlite generator range has it covered.