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Petrol Welder Generators

Petrol Welder Generators

Petrol Welder Generators

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The Welder Generator Range provides standard welder generators, 3 in 1 welder generators (welder/generator/battery charger) and 4 in 1 welder generators (welder/generator/battery charger/compressor).

What is a welder generator? This all-in-one unit creates power for welding without requiring mains electricity, so you can power your welding equipment on even the most remote jobsites. With a petrol welder generator, simply fill up the fuel tank with petrol, as you would with regular generators, and let the machine take care of the rest. Petrol welder generators are generally cheaper upfront than their diesel equivalents.

When you’re not using the machine for welding, a petrol welder generator can be used as a stand-alone generator. This presents huge added value as there’s no need to spend money on buying and running two separate machines. The generators can power work lights and other power tools, or even provide emergency power when you need it most.

The top manufacturers, like Crommelins and Advanced Power, also build 3-in-1 and even 4-in-1 workstations. These powerful units house a welder, generator, battery charger and even compressor in one compact design. The great news is you don’t compromise on performance with any of the functions.

Because these generators are designed for the worksite, they are built tough. Look for features such as heavy-duty components, WorkCover specs, weatherproof outlets, steel frame, and a lifting eye/bar for easy transportation. Safety features may include low oil protection, overload circuit breaker, earth leakage protection (ELP), and more. Some generators allow you to also add accessories such as welding leads and a protective mask.

Depending on the model, maximum welding power ranges from 180Amp to 220Amp and generator output ranges from 4kVA to 7kVA. For workstations, 120psi maximum air compression and 12-volt DC battery charging is considered sufficient by most.

Combined, all these features make petrol welder generators ideal for the workshop, farm, and demanding jobsites, whether you’re working outdoors, under cover or on the move.