Petrol Auto Start Generators For Mains Failure

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What happens when your mains power fails? Keep your home and business running with aPetrol Auto Start Generator. Designed to automatically start, these generators restore power to your home or building during a power outage.

Our range of Petrol Auto Start Generators includes top-selling generator brands such as Pramac, Powerlite and Gentech. Generator sizes range from 5.3 kVA to 11.9kVA.

How Does a Petrol Auto Start Generator Work?

A Petrol Auto Start Generator uses anAutomatic Mains Failure (AMF) Panel,also referred to as an 'Automatic Transfer Switch'.The AMF is connected to the mains power and generator. It detects when there is a mains power failure and signals to the generator to automatically start up. This restores power to your home or building.As soon as the AMF detects mains power is running again, it stops the generator.

Aqualified electrician is required to install and connect your petrol auto start generator into your home or building mains.