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Need help? Caravan Battery Charger Buyer's Guide

Looking to upgrade your AGM battery to a lithium? Checkout our range of Invicta batteries below. We have a wide range of bundles including an Invicta Battery and BMPRO Battery Management System or Charger.


Why Should I Choose An Invicta Battery?

An Invicta battery replaces your traditional lead acid batteries with a lightweight lithium alternative, which results in faster charging and long-lasting power. The range comprises all of the most popular battery sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find exactly the right battery for your needs. Whether you’re powering a caravan fridge, air conditioner or coffee machine, Invicta batteries are suitable. Bluetooth monitoring is even available on some of the models in the Invicta battery range, which allows you to monitor the status of the batteries capacity and current draw at any time.

We have a variety of Invicta batteries to suit your needs. The Invicta Battery range starts at 50Ah and goes up to a huge 300Ah! We also stock a wide variety of bundles so you can purchase the perfect size battery with the most appropriate accessories from BMPRO. BMPRO and Invicta go hand in hand, hence why we created unique bundles for your convenience!

Browse our selection today and get your charging needs sorted for your next roadtrip.