Ampfibian S1000DX 15A Weatherproof Surge Protector Pack with Circuit Tester



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Product Description

Ampfibian S1000DX 15A Weatherproof Surge Protector Pack with Circuit Tester, 2 Year Warranty. Protect your inverter and electronic gear from power spikes and surges. Rated at 15 amps, with a 1000 joule power absorption rating and four integrated fuses, this tough little product protects your expensive investment.

A red warning light lets you know if the powerpoint is incorrectly wired before plugging your caravan in. Miswired powerpoints damage your equipment and can be fatal if the earth connection is missing or live.

The tough weatherproof housing seals the connection and lets you see the indicator lights. Two spring-loaded cleats stop the caravan lead pulling out and a flip-up hook lets you hang it off the ground.

The 15 amp plug goes straight into the site’s power supply or generator before connecting to the caravan. Also enjoy full protection at home, because these protectors are compatible with ampfibian 15a to 10a power adaptors. If you have an ampfibian 15a to 10a power adaptor, you can also enjoy full. Surge protection at home (or at a mate’s) when plugged into a 10 amp outlet.

The surge protectors have been independently tested and certified to comply with relevant safety standards including as/nzs 3120:2011.

Based in the northern rivers of nsw, ampfibian has been designing and making high quality weatherproof 15a to 10a power adaptors since 2008. Ampfibian is on a mission to make electricity safer and more convenient for travellers!


  • Australia’s only portable 15a caravan surge protector
  • Integrated outlet tester
  • Weatherproof housing for outdoor use (IP55 Weatherproof)
  • Can use in caravan parks and at home
  • Capatible with ampfibian 15a to 10a power adaptors
  • Meets Australia electrical standards
  • Designed and made in Australia
  • 240V 50Hz 15A 3600W
  • 0.8m supply cable
  • 1000 Joule protection
  • Hanging hook
  • Loop for security/locking attachments

Ampfibian Connection GuideAmpfibian Indicator Lights


Ampfibian Product Install Instruction


SKU 500-04508

Brand Ampfibian

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category Power Adaptors

Product Type 15A Surge Protector

Input 50Hz

Voltage 240V

Net Weight (kg) 0.71

Inverter Output Continuous Watts 3600W

Dimensions 400 x 101 x 101 mm


The S1000DX - Caravan Surge Protector


Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • What is a Joule rating?

    A Joule is a unit of measurement used for measuring energy. It tells you how much power a surge protector can absorb before the unit is permanently damaged. Overall higher Joule = longer life.

  • What exactly is a power surge?

    A power surge is simply a large increase in voltage over a short period. Various factors can cause this increase including lightning striking the electricity grid and electric motors, heavy equipment and portable generators starting up or shutting down. The increase in voltage will cause an internal arc that burns through the insulation resulting in permanent damage. The purpose of the surge protector is to absorb or re-direct the increase in voltage before it affects your equipment or appliances. When a surge is greater than the rating of the surge protector the protector will protect the circuit by sacrificing itself.

  • Is there anything different about the Ampfibian surge protector compared to other surge protectors on the market?

    The Ampfibian surge protector is the first portable surge protector for caravans and RVS. The protector has a three-colour outlet tester that allows you to test the circuit you are plugging into. The Ampfibian surge protector has a lot of great features that make it perfect for caravanners including the capability to connect directly to the caravan's power supply cable protecting all your appliances, weatherproof housing and the ability to install and replace the protector without the need of an electrician.

  • What do the colours indicate on the Ampfibian surge protector?

    There are three colours on the Ampfibian surge protector:
    Green – power is available and ready.
    Orange – the surge protector requires a replacement.
    Red – incorrectly wired outlet stop operation.

  • How long will my surge protector last?

    This will ultimately depend on the protector’s exposure to surges. The orange light on the unit will indicate when a replacement is required.


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