Gentech 8 kVA Honda Powered Remote Start Generator

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Product Description

Gentech 8 kVA Honda Powered Remote Start Generator. The controller on the remote start kit will start the generator from the closure of a remote contact. Which really makes this unit the perfect back-up generator for unreliable solar power.


  • Remote start kit
  • Newly designed frame
  • Centre point lift
  • Extendable Handles
  • 30L fuel tank
Features of the Upgraded EP8000HSRE-R/S:

Engine: Reliable electric key start Honda GX390 engine

NSM Alternator: With less than 6% harmonic distortion to run electronic equipment and tools

Remote Start: 2 wire remote start , to allow you to start your generator without going out to it

Newly Designed Frame: Extremely strong steel frame with protective top cover

Centre Point Lift: To allow for easy lifting

Long Range Fuel Tank: Extra large 30L base mounted fuel tank


The package is complete with a 2 year generator warranty backed by a national service network. The Honda engine comes with a 3 year warranty.

Gentech EP8000HSRE-R/S Product Brochure

This product is ‘Honda Australia Approved’ - meaning that the Honda engine used in an Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) product, has been engine match tested by Honda Australia, is a genuine Honda engine and meets their strict quality and operational standards, and is backed by their national service agent network. The following table outlines the new extended warranty for the different Honda engine types:

Honda Engine Warranty



Brand Gentech

GTIN 9334786003889

Warranty Period: 2 Years

Product Category Portable Generators


Gentech Generators - Power You Can Trust


Customer Review of the Gentech 8kVA Generator


Customer Reviews

A different experience Review by
Great product.
(Posted on 30 October 2021)
Great Review by
Great generator. No problems and charges our off grid solar batteries quickly.
(Posted on 28 April 2021)
More than does the job. Review by
Great machine. No power without it.
(Posted on 2 December 2018)
Great Unit for price Review by
Great unit, good size fuel tank. Well set up ready for instant use. Will be a great asset for building my house and as a backup for our home solar system.
(Posted on 19 August 2018)

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Does exactly as advertised! Review by
Generator does a great job and the auto start is so reassuring. No more going to the solar power shed to start the gene on a cold and rainy night. Perfect back-up to our stand-alone solar system.
(Posted on 21 August 2016)

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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • With the solar back up auto-start, does it sense the battery bank voltage and then automatically start when it gets low?

    Hi Michael,

    The Short Answer is:  Your inverter charger on your solar system senses voltage drop and tells the generator to start via the Deep Sea Two Wire Auto Start Controller (which is included within the generator).

    More Detail:  Auto start generators work on a two wire principle. In this case the Dunlite and Gentech 8kVA Auto Start Honda Models, they are fitted with a Deep Sea Two Wire controller. This controller relies on a signal from your inverter charger (as part of your solar system) to join "Two Wires" to close the circuit and start the generator and vice versa open the circuit and stop the generator.

    Your inverter charger on your off-grid solar installation has the smarts that detect voltage drop. You can program the inverter charger to signal the generator to start when the batteries reach this pre-determined voltage. The inverter charger can also be programmed to accept a frequency range and voltage range that the generator puts out.

    Hope that helps - Regards, Paul

  • Hi, there are two generators listed, one is a Gentech, one is a Dunlite - They look similar, but slightly different pricing. What is the difference in the generators? Regards, Neville

    Hi Neville, great question. Dunlite & Gentech are both built / distributed by an Australian company called Welling & Crossley. They have been Australian owned and operated since 1926, and are recognised as an Australian leader in the manufacture and supply of petrol & diesel power equipment and generating sets for industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

    Welling & Crossley's range of portable generators has always been Gentech. Then around 20 years ago, they acquired a similar portable generator brand in Dunlite. Each brand has excellent recognition throughout Australia. So both brands now come out of the same Welling & Crossley factory and so the models are not just similar, but the same – either branded ‘Gentech’ or ‘Dunlite’.

    In the instance where the price is slightly different, this just relates to stock levels and availability of that particular model. In any case, there are Dunlite/Gentech portable petrol generators from around 2kVA to 16kVA in size, mostly powered by genuine Honda engines and are the trusted option for tradesmen, farmers, industrial applications, domestic requirements, small businesses and much more... similarly, the Dunlite/Gentech diesel portable generator models up to around 9kVA in size are powered by the likes of Lister Petter and Kohler engines and used for all matter of commercial, industrial and rural power requirements.

    All Gentech/Dunlite products are backed by comprehensive warranties from the manufacturer (Welling & Crossley) and come with national service agent and spare parts support. Thanks. 

  • About how long does it run for?

    Hi Ken, this model has a 24.5 Litre fuel tank which has a run time of approx. 10.5 hours at 75% power load. Many thanks

  • Just wondering about noise level for under house deck?

    Hi Linda, this model has a noise level rating of 74 decibels at 7 metres.

    To give you a point of reference, normal conversation levels are rated at around 50 - 60 decibels.

    This model is an 'open frame' generator, meaning it does not have enclosed soundproof casing which limits noise level. In short, this model will create a somewhat noticeable noise level during just depends on how important it is for you to reduce noise and by how much.

    If you want a quieter Auto Start Generator, then you could consider the below options which have silencing material built into the models, noting you will pay more for it:

    Pramac 6kVA Super Silenced Auto Start Diesel Generator

    Kubota 6kva Lowboy Diesel Generator


  • Can I use this generator to charge my power tool batteries?

    Hi there,

    Charging battery packs is fine from a conventional generator, we'd recommend having a steady load on the generator and don't connect appliances that will cause the load to jump around during charging.


  • Can you tell me the continual wattage this unit will provide?

    HI There,

    The continuous output will be 6000W.

  • we need to replace our Workmate 8.8kva recoil start genny with a similiar unit that is easy to start. The house is set up to run with a genny. Can this model run continuously to power our house ie., refrigerators, 1.5 hp bore pump, electric lights and st

    Hi There,

    Yes you could certainly use this generator for your application.

    They are very easy to start via recoild, an also have a push button start.

  • What oil does the engine need and how often should I replace it?

    The recommended oil is SAE- 10W-30

    The service schedule for the Honda GX390 is oil change after first 20 hours.

    Oil change Every 6 months or 100 Hour

  • I have a 3hp Air Compressor and need a generator to run it. Will the Gentech 8kva be big enough?

    Yes, The gentech 8kva Generator is actually fitted with a large 9.5kva alternator, which gives it the extra capacity to handle a 3hp compressor.

    We work off a general rule of 1hp = 3kva


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