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Complete your power system with our affordable and quality range of Enerdrive and Blue Sea Circuit Breakers. Find a wide range of circuit breakers below which are made tough for marine and vehicle AC & DC electrical systems.


Blue Sea Circuit Breaker Made for Ease

Protect your main wiring circuit, anchor switches, winches, and other high current draw items against overload with a Blue Sea circuit breaker. Blue Sea circuit breakers are designed with durability and reliability in mind. Being ignition proof, waterproof and surface mounted, a Blue Sea circuit breaker is suited for installation in most areas. The polycarbonate/ABS panel surface is UV-stabilised, flame retardant, and will not corrode. Top features include a simple two-wire connection for powering all panels, integrated switching and illuminated on indicator, and set of 15 square format circuit labels which are easy to replace. Blue Sea circuit breakers come with everything you need to set up your system and are quick to wire, thanks to fast-on circuit breaker connectors.

New Range of Enerdrive Circuit Breakers

Find Enerdrive’s latest release of affordable surface mount circuit breakers. Enjoy the high quality of Enerdrive with a range of options between 25-70 amp with 1/4” studs and larger units from 80—150amp with larger 3/8” studs for quality DC connections.

Shop circuit breakers from top brands Enerdrive and Blue Sea Systems today.