DC Cables

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Create a secure connection for your appliances while on the road with our range of DC cables. We offer DC cables in a wide range of lengths and sizes, by the top brands including Enerdrive, Victron, Baintech and more so you can find the right one.


Choose The Right DC Cables

Choosing the right cable for your DC project is important for your 4WD, caravan or boat. The DC cables joining your power setup together can determine how well your battery and appliances perform, and how long they last in the long term. Choosing the correct size (diameter) and cable length will help you ensure efficiency and a long life. A cable that’s too small can overheat and possibly start a fire. On the other hand, if your DC cables are too long, you will lose power. Find the right DC cables for your 12V appliances here at My Generator.

DC Cable Kits

At My Generator, you can shop DC cables in a wide range of lengths and sizes, so you can find the right one. Need a cable kit for your starter battery to a DC-to-DC charger in your vehicle? Or a DC cable from the starter battery to a 50A Anderson Connector mounted at the tow hitch? Check out the range of Enerdrive 16mm cable kits. Need a 12V cigarette plug? Victron plugs and cables have it covered. Shop extension cables, power inlets, splitter cords and more.

When you’re looking for DC cables, shop our wide range of cables from Enerdrive, Victron, Baintech and more.