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Make sure your battery system is protected from the outset with the help of a Midi fuse. A Midi fuse is your go-to solution to ramp up your circuit protection and maximise space, while saving some money at the same time. Win, win!


What Is A Midi Fuse?

A Midi fuse is cost-effective, space saving solution that allows you to protect battery systems with high current wiring. The best thing about a Midi fuse is the way it can be bolted on to fit right into your application. So, you can save space while protecting our battery system. A Midi fuse is ideal for battery and alternator connections, and other medium gauge cables which need high current protection, so you can ensure efficient power distribution for marine, dual battery systems, and more.

Fuses For Every Battery Setup

Looking for a fuse for your battery system? Check out our wide range of products from Enerdrive, Redarc, Victron and Baintech. If you’re driving a lot and exploring rough terrain, you need to pay extra attention to cable protection and fuses, so you don’t risk a cable fire. Even with circuit breakers, a fuse is a must-have to protect your cables from over-current. Find the right fuse in our wide range and protect your battery system.