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Gentech Honda 3.4kVA Generator

Gentech 3.4kVA, powered by Honda, 2 Year Warranty

$1,249 RRP: $1,300 Save: $51

9 Reviews

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Whether you’re on the road, on the work site, caravanning, or at home in a blackout, you’ll find an electric start generator ready to start without any fuss here at My Generator. Browse and compare our pick of the best electric start generator models to find the best fit for your needs.


An electric start generator is a popular choice for My Generator customers, and for good reason. With an electric start generator, power is as easy as the touch of a button.
The feature means you can start your generator quickly and easily in any situation. They also come with a recoil start as a backup. We sell electric start generators from world-class brands including Yamaha, Powerlite, Generac, and Genelite. This means, when you buy an electric start generator, you are getting lots of other top-of-the-range features for your requirements.

Electric Start Generators And So Much More!

Compare generator models in our best-selling range to find long-range fuel tanks, safety features, silencing designs, and more. There’s practically no limit on the size of electric start generators – you can buy compact inverter camping generators, larger trade generators and home backup generators, all with an electric start for your convenience. Whatever your fuel preference, you can find diesel and petrol generators with the electric start feature.