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Australian homes and businesses are now more than ever turning to automatic standby generators to get through power outages. With the increasing occurrences of floods, storms and fires, people no longer have to suffer the inconveniences of being without power for days on auto start generator will protect your home or business during blackouts 24/7 all year round.


auto start generator Installing an auto-start generator is a great way to protect your home or business from power outages

Here at My Generator, we have an expert team of generator specialists that every day help customers all over the country with auto-start generator advice. Here are some of the more common questions and informative answers relating to two wire auto-start generators:

1. Do you recommend a petrol/diesel auto-start generator or a gas auto-start generator?

It depends on your particular circumstances. Gas auto start generators are best suited to homes on mains gas; they are typically more cost effective, they test automatically and you don't have to worry about re-fueling as you have gas ready to go. If you are not on mains gas, then you can still use a gas auto-start generator fueled by LPG, or you can consider petrol and diesel auto start generator units. The benefit of petrol or diesel models is that the initial connection phase is simpler, however with these units you'll have to test intermittently and be sure you have fuel at the ready. Historically petrol and diesel models have been more popular, but recently interest in the new Generac Gas generator range has increased significantly due to their cost effective appeal.

auto start generator If the power ever goes out, your Generac standby generator goes on - automatically, so you have power during a blackout

2. Can I install one of these auto start generators myself? How difficult is it?

Only a qualified electrician can perform the installation of your auto start generator into your home or building mains. The same applies to installation of a solar battery pack set-up. For gas auto-start generators, a qualified plumber is required to install the unit and an electrician to install the transfer switch.

3. I live off-grid in a solar powered home. If I were to install an auto start generator to back up my solar, what connection type would I need?

You need a Two-Wire Auto Start Controller. This device connects your auto-start generator to your battery pack inverter connection. The controller detects when your deep cycle battery packs run low, and signals for the generator to automatically kick in so you won't be without power.

4. I already have 5kVA portable generator I use for my farming equipment and pumps - can this generator be configured as an auto-start to provide back up power to our farmhouse?

It depends on the generator model, however in most cases it's unlikely. To connect to your house electricity and get auto-start capability, you need to connect an AMF (automatic mains failure) panel to a two-wire auto start generator. Check out the auto-start generator range for brands such as Pramac, Generac or Powerlite who have models for this purpose. These generators feature two-wire auto start and can be connected to an AMF panel to connect to your house mains. The panel is an additional accessory and the connection must be performed by a qualified electrician.

auto start generator The Pramac S8000 is one of our most popular petrol auto-start generators for home solar and mains power back up.

5. Do I still need to maintain the generator even if it hasn't been required for back up?

Yes - it's best to always give your generator some simple maintenance, because you never know when it might be required for back-up. Start up and run the generator periodically to check the engine and parts are all working smoothly, and inspect and change the oil to ensure maximum performance. This is particularly the case for petrol and diesel models - for gas models like Generac, they have auto-testing functionality (making them increasingly popular). In all cases, you'll find full routine maintenance procedures and schedules in the owner's manual.

For more information on auto-start backup generators, visit the My Generator Auto Start Range or give us experts a call on 1300 400 122!


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

3 thoughts on Auto Start Generator Advice from the Experts

13 September 2020
Hi, I have just purchased a Generac M/No G0070471 Guardian generator and I am trying to figure out how to get the auto start to work the best way. I am off grid with a 24v Solar system. I wish to use a Plasmatronic PL40 to start and stop the generator at set voltages, so is it as simple as wiring 240 volts to the N1 and and breaking that supply with a 24v dc contactor?

My Generator Response
Hi Kym, We recommend contacting your electrician that specialises in off-grid solar installations. We would be reluctant to give out advice related to 240V installations. The generator does have an inbuilt 2-wire solar controller designed for solar off-grid applications.

17 October 2018
I'm having a lot of trouble finding a portable generator that can be started by a signal, sent by an Automatic Transfer Switch. For example; Apparently, there are "2-wire" Auto-start generators, but the websites that sell them almost never provide user-manual's. So I have no idea whether ATS's such as the EATON ATC-900 are compatible with them. I REALLY don't want to have to 'Hot-wire' a generators electric switch. You'd think there'd be more demand for stand-by generators that don't need to be installed into the mains powerbox.

My Generator Response
Hi Maitland, within our range of Auto Start Generators, we have models suitable for Mains Failure Backup and for Off grid Solar Back Up. For more detailed info, you can click on the below links to answer your question relating to: - Our Pramac Auto Start units for Mains Fail use an AMF with the MANUAL HERE. - Our Pramac Auto Start units for Off Grid Solar use a 2 Wire Auto Start Controller with the MANUAL HERE.

30 August 2018
Is an auto start generator the same as a remote start generator?

My Generator Response
Hi Geoff, Essentially yes. A generator is considered Auto Start Capable when it is fit with a controller that can be set to auto mode and wait for a start signal from an Automatic Transfer Switch or a another close/open circuit signal. Some people call this remote start as the control module is set to remote monitoring. Not to be confused with a remote control start which acts like a garage door fob and works from a line of sight. Cheers Paul

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