Gas Auto Start Generators For Mains Failure

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These Gas Auto Start Generators come with an Automatic Mains Failure Panel, which detects when there's a mains power failure and signals to the generator to automatically restore power to your home or building.

Why Choose Generac Gas Auto Start Generators

When it comes to a Gas Auto Start Generator, Generac is a name you can trust. The manufacturer is renowned for building reliable generators, which come backed by a 5-year warranty for extra peace of mind. These Generac generators boast True Powerâ„¢ Technology which offers best-in-class power quality for smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances. Plus, Wi-Fi compatibility let you check the status of your generator from your smart device wherever you are.

We stock a range of Generac AVR Gas Auto Start Generators ranging from 8kVA to 13kVA, which are ideal for home and small business backup.

Easy Installation

These Gas Auto Start Generators come with everything you need for easy installation, including a composite mounting pad that eliminates the need for a concrete base (unless specified by local codes).