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Victron Anti-islanding Relay UFR1001E

Victron Anti-Islanding Relay UFR1001E, 5 Year Warranty

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Being stranded in the great Australian outback with a flat battery certainly isn’t ideal. But this can be prevented with a battery relay (otherwise known as a battery combiner)!

Our range of battery relay models includes battery combiners by market leading brands Enerdrive, Redarc and Victron.

What Is A Battery Relay/Combiner?

A battery relay is designed to separate your starting battery and auxiliary battery. This prevents the starting battery from being drained when the engine is stopped. A combiner is ideal if you want to power a critical load from two batteries in the off change one of them fails.

Notable Products In The Range:

Victron’s Cyrix voltage sensitive relay models are highly popular as they automatically detect system voltage – this meaning there’s no voltage loss and your alternators output voltage doesn’t need to be increased. Plus they come with a massive 5 year warranty and national service agent support!