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Explore Our Collection Of Battery Bundles Up To 100Ah:

Discover the perfect power solution for your caravan with our curated selection of battery bundles specifically designed for applications requiring up to 100Ah capacity. Whether you seek a straightforward battery and charger combination or a comprehensive bundle with additional features like inverters and monitors, our range has something to suit every need.

Choosing The Right Battery Bundle:

When selecting the perfect bundle for your needs, think about what would enhance convenience and functionality for you. Consider factors such as your interest in integrating solar power, if you'd need a dedicated monitor to streamline control, or whether you're looking for a straightforward and user-friendly off-grid power system.

For those willing to invest a little more for long-lasting, reliable performance, exploring lithium options is highly recommended. Lithium batteries offer enhanced durability and longevity, making them a premium choice for your caravan power needs.

For personalized assistance, reach out to our friendly product experts at 1300 400 122. They are ready to help you find the ideal battery bundle that aligns with your caravan power needs.

Why Consider A Power System?

If you are new to off-grid power, we strongly recommend exploring a power system for your recreational vehicle. A power system comes as a pre-wired board, complete with mounted chargers, fuses, breakers, and occasionally an inverter. This eliminates guesswork, ensuring seamless compatibility among products and streamlining your caravan power setup.