Diesel Auto Start Generators For Off-Grid Solar

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Need backup for your solar power? These Diesel Solar Backup Generators have got you covered.

Solar power isn’t always reliable. It only takes a long period of bad weather for your solar panels to stop being able to keep your household running. But you don’t need to live without power thanks to these Diesel Solar Backup Generators.

Diesel Solar Backup Generators are designed to detect when you’re running low on solar power and will automatically kick in to charge your solar panels back up. It’s never been easier to live off-grid.

Off-Grid Convenience

These Diesel Solar Backup Generators have all the features you need for seamless power. Our range includes generators by top brands including Pramac and Kubota, which come backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and national service network for extra peace of mind.

Choose from a two-wire remote start or an automatic transfer switch, depending on your needs. A two-wire remote start lets you switch on the Diesel Solar Backup Generator when you need it, whereas an automatic transfer switch will turn the generator on automatically when it detects the solar power is low.