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Dometic 3 Way Fridge & Freezer 90L

Dometic RM2350, 90 Litre 3 Way Refrigerator, 3 Year Warranty

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Looking for the best 3-way fridge freezers for caravans and recreational vehicles? Australian customers love the Dometic and Thetford fridge freezers. 3-way fridges are so called because you can run them in three different ways: either 12/24-volt, 240-volt or LPG gas. They are a super flexible option if you’re travelling off grid one day, and using caravan parks the next!


Advantages Of 3 Way Fridge Freezers

3-way fridge freezers work differently to compressor fridges. Instead of a compressor, a 3-way fridge uses a gas flow heat exchange system in the back of the fridge. Think of it this way – they remove the heat rather than create the cold. With a 3-way fridge freezer, you have the convenience of choosing which power to run from. If you are far away from mains power for long periods (and don’t want to invest in solar), these 3-way fridge freezers are made for you. They also tend to have a longer lifespan than compressor fridge counterparts, because you don’t need to worry about the compressor technology failing!

Dometic and Thetford 3-way fridge freezers are popular brands for Australian customers because they are highly efficient, especially when operating on gas. The fridge can last for around three weeks from a single 9kg gas bottle! That makes them a great bet if you want to camp for longer periods without worrying about topping up your gas. Both Dometic and Thetford offer various sizes ranging from 90 litres to 224 litres. You can also buy quality vent and flu kits as accessories to ensure optimal performance and installation.