Small Recreational Generators (up to 2000w)

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Take power with you when you hit the road. These small generators let you power up things like a camping fridge and kettle, as well as keep your phone charged. Whether you’re camping in a tent, 4x4 or camper trailer, make sure to pack a small generator.

Our range of small generators range between 1000W and 2000W and include best-selling models from Yamaha and Pramac. Built with portability in mind, they are lightweight and compact design so you can move the unit from site to site without any hassle. Plus, they are quiet and easy to use.

Inverter Technology

Another common feature of small generators is inverter technology. This provides a stable power source that won’t damage your electronic equipment – great if you’re travelling with laptops, cameras and other sensitive devices.

Best Generator Manufacturers

Browse small generators by Yamaha, one of the big players in the generator market. They manufacture premium products backed by a strong reputation for quality. Best of all, Yamaha small generators come with a 48-month warranty backed by a national service network.

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