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"good experience"

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Have inverter generator which is a Yamaha product with Yamaha Stamped on engine. Oil filling is messy as said by previous review, nice presented product, instructions for starting were very clear. I was amazed at how easy the unit started 1 & 1/2 pulls and was running, easier than honda 20i. Ru
(Posted on 15 December 2021)

"Very good product and service"

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Easy to use and does what it’s advertised to do.
(Posted on 21 June 2021)

"The best there is at a very competitive price"

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Consistently outperforming Honda in almost every independent test, the Yammy E2200 is the one to get. Straight out of the box & started first pull. Quiet, reliable & grunty, it's just what I expected and my mower man is happy to service it, unlike the cheap stuff on the market.
(Posted on 27 July 2020)

"Its a Yamaha"

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Starts first go.
(Posted on 19 April 2020)

"Great product"

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Well made, easy to use. Filling with oil is a bit of a challenge but with a small funnel and hose it isn't a problem. Make sure you put a tray or scrap cardboard under the oil filler hole as its easy to spill oil on the floor. First time out of the box, filled it up with oil and fuel, set the co
(Posted on 7 February 2020)

Product Description

Yamaha EF2200iS, 2200w Inverter Generator, 4 Year Warranty. The all new EF2200iS strikes the perfect balance between power & portability. It provides an extra 200W compared to the versatile EF2000iS, yet it's lighter and smaller than the workhorse EF2400iS. Powerful enough for appliances, tools and electronic devices without taking too much valuable space. It's the ideal generator for campers, caravanners, adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Power More Accessories: With a 12V DC outlet, you have more choices of accessories to plug in.
  • Instant Restart: With a reset button, there's no need to restart the generator when you overload it.
  • Easily Check Status: Take the guesswork out of figuring out your generator’s stats with the multi-function LED indicator with incorporated night running light to illuminate the control panel in the dark.
  • When You Need More Power: Boost feature gives you extra grunt when you need it
  • 10.5 Hours Running Time: With a 4.7 litre fuel tank, it runs for a whole hour longer than its closest competitor.
  • Super Quiet Operation: You don't want to be bothered by a noisy generator. Yamaha's Quiet Technology ensures you and your neighbours can enjoy nature and its sounds.
  • Fuel Efficient: Yamaha's Smart Throttle feature adjusts the engine speed to match the load, increasing fuel efficiency and noise reduction.
  • Clean Power: The EF2200iS produces clean, high power using Pulse Width Modulation which ensures that sensitive electronic devices can be run without damage.

Carry It, Move It Around:

Thanks to the innovative Tri-Handle design, you can comfortably move the generator around. Even awkward storage spaces area are easily navigated. With another person to share your load, transporting the generator becomes effortless!

More Power Options:

When out on a trip, chances are you'll be bringing multiple electronic items with you. Keep them powered with this generator's 12V DC outlet. With 3 amp output, it effortlessly charges all your devices.

Unlike a built-in USB port, you are not limited to devices with USB cables. You can power many more gear, such as portable coolers/heaters, vacuum cleaners, air pumps and many others.

Easy Access:

You don't need to fumble around the toolbox when you need to open the back cover for cleaning & maintenance. The tool-less bolts keep the cover secure, while making it easy when it needs to be opened.

4 Year Warranty For Your Peace Of Mind:

Yamaha generators are designed and built to the highest standards to ensure that our customers get to enjoy the performance and quality that Yamaha are known for.

With a 4 year limited warranty, you can be assured that if you need assistance, Yamaha are there to take care of you.

Minimise Damage:

The recoil starter and switches are flush with the body, preventing scratches on your furniture, vehicles, or any surface the generator comes in contact with.

Prevent Leaks And Stale Fuel:

With its fuel drain switch, you can easily drain fuel from the generator before storing it. No need to let the generator run to burn off excess fuel. No more stale fuel sitting in the tank.

Boost Mode Switch:

The boost mode switch raises up the number of rotation of the engine temporarily (for approximately 60 seconds). When using devices that require a large starting current, such as a compressor of a submersible pump or refrigerator, use this switch. To enter the boost mode, push the boost mode switch for 3 seconds. To exit the boost mode, push the boost mode switch for 3 seconds again.

Product Brochure

Yamaha EF2000iS Product Card


Generators to Run Your Caravan Air Conditioner

Generators to Run Your Caravan Air Conditioner



Brand Yamaha

GTIN 9334786004510

Warranty Period: 4 Years

Product Category Inverter Generators

Maximum Output (Watts) 2200

kVA 2.2

Continuous Output 1800 w

Fuel Petrol

Fuel Tank Capacity 4.7 Litre

Starting Method Recoil with Auto Decompression

Boost Mode Up to 60 seconds of power output above maximum power

DC Output 12V / 3 Amps

Alternator Type Brushless Inverter

Noise @ 7m 57~65dBA

Engine Type OHV MZV-22i Air Cooled

Voltage 230V

Cont. Working Time 10.5 Hrs at 1/4 Load

Frequency 50 Hz

Product Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 555 x 300 x 470

Net Weight (kg) 25


Yamaha EF2200iS - The Perfect Balance Between Power & Portability


Yamaha EF2200iS - Multi-Function LED Indicator & 12V DC Socket


Macca reviews the Yamaha EF2200iS


Macca's interview on the EF2200iS generator


Yamaha EF2200iS - Boost Function & Easy Reset Button


Yamaha EF2200iS - Ergonomic Tri-Handle Design That Makes It Easy to Transport


Yamaha EF2200iS - Avoid Leakage & Stale Fuel With The Fuel Drain Switch


Yamaha EF2200iS - Open The Back Cover Fully Without Needing Tools


Yamaha EF2200iS - Longer Running Time Than The Rest


Pat Callinan's Yamaha generator safety tips


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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Hello, looking for a reliable generator with invertor...its for camping, needs to be quiet. Would be good if you can recommend?
    Hi Graeme, we'd recommend a Yamaha Inverter Generator if you are looking for a reliable, good quality inverter generator, 4 year warranty and with nationwide service agent support. Yamaha are the lightest and quietest inverter generators in the market and extremely popular for camping/camper trailers/caravans.
    The size of the generator would depend on the type/qty of appliances you intend to run off it. You'll need to know how much power your appliances draw to make sure you get the right size, but as a guide the following will help you:
    Yamaha 1000w Generator: ultra light, very popular for charging camping battery packs via a battery charger and for running a few small appliances; laptop, phone, TV, lights, small fridge etc.
    Yamaha 2000w Generator: extremely fuel efficient, also great for charging battery packs and running a few more appliances or items with greater draw such as fridges or smaller air-conditioners.
    Yamaha 2200w Generator: the latest and greatest from Yamaha. New features include: Boost feature (overload capability), light weight (25kg), Tri-Handle Design and Toolless Panel for ease of maintaining.
    Yamaha 2400w Generator: the most popular unit for caravans as it will run caravan a/c units. Rated as the Top Caravan Generator by Caravan & Motorhome on Tour Magazine
  • Hi there, I'm considering a Yamaha, but have noticed several other 'generic' generator brands for around a third of the price and offer similar specs. What's driving the price difference?

    Great question Craig, thank you! Some lesser known brands have their place, really only for people who will use their generator infrequently - in which case you can save some money. Then there are also many cheap brands out there that are a good chance to break down on your first starting attempt!

    With Yamaha, firstly - their specs are superior; not only are they the quietest and lightest inverter generators in the market, they are also built to handle more intensive, frequent operation. So with a Yamaha, you know it is going to handle your power demands easily and you can use your unit for multiple applications if required; recreation, home power backup, small business, events etc. It is the premium inverter generator brand in the market.

    Secondly, with a Yamaha you get a 4-year warranty (which is much longer than the cheap brands) and you get the support of over 200 accredited service agents around the country. Our experience is that the Yamaha after sales support, servicing and parts support is excellent. You don't get a national service network with the cheap brands. 

    Hope that help explains the price difference, cheers, Steve!  

  • My product manual for my inverter generator mentions an 'earthing wire / earthing stake' - do I need this?

    Hi there, good question. This is mentioned in generator manuals and is a safety feature that will earth the generator. You do have the option to fit an 'earth wire'. Connecting an earth wire and stake is an option available to customer's that purchase a generator.

    An earth wire and stake are not supplied with generators that we sell and is application specific. In practice, we do not see customer's do this, especially for inverter generators. It can be something that is implemented for more specialized generators on mining work sites for example...for common applications, it is not common practice to 'earth' the generator with a wire and stake. If you are in doubt, and you have a specialized generator requirement that may need 'earthing', please consult an electrician. Hope that helps.

  • I have a caravan with an Air Command Ibis 3 air conditioning unit. The manual indicates the Power Input as 1300W for cooling and 1210W for heating. It states the Rated Capacity as 3100W for cooling and 2700W for heating. Would the Yamaha 2000w do the job?

    Hi, great question!

    This a very common inquiry here at My Generator. The Dometic Air Command Ibis MK3 has been in production for several years with various versions of this model requiring different size generators to start. We know that the majority of the Ibis MK3's out there can be started and run with a quality inverter generator with a peak output of 2200W. The Briggs & Stratton (link)2200W is one of our most popular generators for this air conditioner. If you want to be 100% sure of starting and running the Ibis MK3 then look no further, then the Yamaha EF2200IS inverter generator.

    The Yamaha EF2200IS Inverter Generator has a unique boost feature that is ideal for starting all caravan rooftop air conditioners. The boost feature allows the Yamaha to handle a short overload whereas other inverter generators will cut out when under similar demand.

    In reference to your question about Rated Capacity (3100W), this is simply the rating of the compressor output and can be used as a size guide but should not be relied upon to size the starting requirements of the Air Conditioner.

    Other great options for all roof top caravan air conditioners are the Yamaha EF2400IS and Cromtech 2400W Inverter Generators. To make the decision easier please refer to our Air Conditioner / Generator Sizing Table - displayed in the Product Description of each caravan air conditioner.

  • Is there a way to shut off the petrol supply so I can run the carburetor dry?

    Yes, all the Yamaha generators have a fuel valve shutoff (petcock) allowing you to switch off the fuel whilst the generator is operating so the remaining fuel in the carburetor runs dry.

    This feature is especially popular if you intend to store your generator in a car, as the petrol fumes ill not permeate through the vehicle thanks to the shutoff valve. 

  • Good morning, Karen here from Semaphore Caravan Pk Adelaide SA. We are getting ready for our trip around Australia. We would like to know what size Yamaha Generator would best suit us? We have solar panel set up, duel battery among other things.

    Hi Karen, to be sure you get the right generator for your Caravan trip, its best to know in a bit more detail exactly what you intend to be running. If you just want the generator as backup option to charge your batteries and a few other small appliances then the most popular generator models are the Yamaha EF1000iS and the Yamaha EF2000iS.

    However, if you also want a generator to run appliances with a larger draw such as a Caravan air-conditioner, a microwave, a washing machine, a standard kettle etc. etc. then you may need a larger generator such as the Yamaha EF2200iS, the Yamaha EF2400iS, the Yamaha EF2800i or the Yamaha EF3000iSE. In this instance you would need to know the exact starting and running wattages of these larger appliances to ensure you get the right sized generator for the particular make/model of appliances you have. The starting wattage of these appliances is the most important number to obtain. You can do this by checking the product manual or contacting the manufacturer of the appliance (we find this is the safest/most effective approach). 

    I hope that helps - if you still need help, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 400 122! Thanks.

  • I plan to leave the generator outside my long term camp setup, what's your best inverter generator that can handle all weather conditions, especially heavy rain?

    Hi there, sounds like a nice set up! The short answer is that electricity and water don’t mix. Whilst we are aware that some people run their inverter gensets in all weather conditions, it is not recommended as safe or best practice for your equipment, as inverter generators do not come with weatherproof outlets as standard.

    Ideally, you would somehow shelter your generator from the rain. But just remember that fully enclosing your generator whilst its running is not an option - generators need fresh air intake for the engine to run and they emit carbon dioxide, so they should never be contained. Overall, some rain protection but also room for fresh air intake and fume emission is what you need.

  • How frequently do I have to change the motor oil? Product info says to change it after the first 20hrs, and after this first change?

    Hi, after the first oil change, the recommended oil change time frame is every 6 months or 100 hours of use. When in doubt always consult our user manual for recommended maintenance. Thanks!

  • Will this generator run the pump for my house water system?

    Hi, that is a tough question to answer without knowing more details about your pump. Water pumps come in a range of sizes and some smaller pumps can run on a small 2000 watt generator, whereas some house pumps would need around 6000 – 8000 watts or more!...electric pumps are notorious for having quite high starting loads. So, you would need to find out the peak load (in Watts) required to start your pump. If you cannot find the starting load from the product manual or data plate, you could contact the manufacturer of your pump, or engage an electrician to take a reading.

    Once you have that all important stating load amount for your pump, you can then choose the right sized generator to run your pump.

  • I am looking at the Yamaha 2kw to power a 1.6kw Window Air conditioner on a boat. Will the Yamaha run it?

    If 1.6kw is the load required at peak to start the A/C, then this Yamaha generator will be fine to run it. Just be sure to check that this is in fact the peak load - you can sometimes find this information on the A/C data plate or within the product manual, but often you'll need to contact the A/C manufacturer, speak to their technical dept. and they can tell you how much power at start up your particular A/C model will require.

    The Yamaha EF2000iS inverter generator is suitable for some smaller sized A/C units in boats, caravans and motorhomes. But for many caravan/boating A/C units, the peak wattage requirement is more than 2000 watts - therefore the Yamaha EF2200IS or EF2400IS inverter generator model is the most popular for Air Conditioners: the boost feature of the EF2200iS and the larger engine and greater output in the Yamaha 2400 generator, respectively suits most caravan A/C units on the market.

  • Hello, I need to run 2 wet vaccum cleaners: both require 8 amps max draw, then 4.5 amps running. Also I want to run a steamer which says it takes 1500 watts to start. I thinking of getting this generator my mobile detailing business.

    G'Day Serge - using the simple formula of: Starting Amps x Volts = Watts, means that your 8amp vacuum cleaners at 240volts will draw 1920 watts at start up, and then drop to 1080 watts running. So, if you were to use your vacuums or your steamer one appliance at a time, then this generator would be fine.

    However, if you wanted to use both vacuums at once, or with the steamer as well, you would need a larger generator. If this was the case and you still required an inverter generator, then another option would be the Yamaha EF6300iS, which is a popular model for mobile business uses requiring multiple appliances running at once.

  • Please clarify if the DC charger facility can be used at the same time as the 240AC is being used? The manual is a little confusing regarding this.

    Hi - yes, simultaneous use of the AC and DC power is possible, but wattage should not exceed the rated output. 

    It should also be noted that the DC charge from the generator is not regulated and is mostly designed for 'just in case' situations, i.e. your flat car battery needs a short trickle charge. For full charging of your batteries, you should always use a quality battery charger which connects between the AC output on the generator and your batteries - this will ensure safe and efficient charging of your batteries.  


  • Can I charge my battery pack from the generator?

    Hi Adam, and thanks for your question; in short, yes you can. The Yamaha EF2200iS, EF2000iS and EF1000iS units come with DC outlets and 12V charging cables and are popular models to charge battery packs. However, it is strongly recommended that you use a battery charger to charge your battery pack - the DC charge from the generator is not regulated, and so it is much safer and effective to connect a battery charger to your generator, and then the charger to your battery pack to charge up. 

    The charging cables can be used directly to provide a small trickle for a short period of time in situations such as needing to start a car battery...but once again, for charging your battery packs, ensure you connect a suitable battery charger between the generator and your batteries.

  • What is an "inverter" generator?

    Hi Alison, and thanks for your question. An inverter is a lightweight microprocessor that converts power from direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). They are a fairly recent advancement in technology from the older style conventional generators. What it means is that the inverter generators produce very clean power which is required to run sensitive electronic equipment such as laptops, mobile phones, camera equipment etc. 

    The other benefits of inverter generators are that they are typically much smaller and lighter than standard open frame style generators and tend to operate at very low noise levels (less than 60 decibels). Lastly, they are also very efficient; their engine speed automatically adjusts in accordance with the required load, maximising fuel efficiency. 

    Overall, they are an extremely popular portable power source for camping, caravanning, DIY tasks, small business uses and home power back up. Inverter generators range from around 1000 watts up to 7000 watts.   

  • G'Day, is there a way to shut off the petrol supply so I can run the carborator dry? Have had issues with this in the past on different gensets.

    Hi and thanks for your question - the Yamaha range has a fuel shut off switch which is independent to the on/off knob. This means that you can turn off the fuel line when the unit is still in operation, enabling you to use up the remaining fuel from the carburettor. Very helpful if you intend to store the generator away for a while before using again. 

  • Whereabouts are the Yamaha service agents located? Thank you.

    Hi Martin, Yamaha has over 200 accredited service agents around the country. The following website link has the full list and you can type in your postcode to find the nearest service agent to you: https://generatoryamaha.com.au/where-to-buy/

  • Do you guys have some general tips for generator maintenance? Ta

    Hi there - good question, yes, we do! Firstly, as a safety note, always stop the engine and let the generator cool down before starting any maintenance work. The five main general tips are;

    1. Replace engine oil
    2. Check spark plug, replace if necessary
    3. Check fuel level and ensure it is fresh fuel (fuel left for a long time can go "off")
    4. Check air filter, replace if necessary
    5. Clean muffler cover and check spark arrestor 

    You can also check out this helpful video on generator maintenance tips.

    For further maintenance help, you should take your generator to a small engine specialist or an accredited generator service technician. 

  • What is the Boost Mode Switch featured in the Yamaha EF2200iS Inverter Generator?

    Hi there,

    The boost mode switch raises up the number of rotation of the engine temporarily (for approximately 60 seconds).

    When using devices that require a large starting current, such as a compressor of a submersible pump or refrigerator, use this switch.

    To enter the boost mode, push the boost mode switch for 3 seconds. To exit the boost mode, push the boost
    mode switch for 3 seconds again.


  • I have limited storage space and am wondering if the Yamaha 2.2Kw model can be stored on its side. I assume I would need to drain the petrol out each time?Thanks in advance.

    Hi There,

    We would not recommend storing the generator in a position other than upright.

    You run the risk of getting oil in the head which can cause issues, as well as the potential for fuel and oil leaks.

  • Hi, I'm looking for a generator to run 2 waeco cf60s at the same time. Will the Yamaha 2200is do the job ? Thanks.

    Hi There

    The EF2200S would be quite suitable for running two of those fridges at the same time.

  • I am told by my electrician that to wire this into my home - the generator must not have a "centre tap" - Can you advise if this has or hasn't?

    Hi, these portable generators don’t have a centre tap. 

    Many thanks.

  • Can I buy the cover separately?

    Yes - Covers for our Yamaha models can be purchased as a separate item and can be found in our Generator Accessories section here.

  • I am buying a Yamaha Inverter Generator from you. If I plan to not run it for a period of 4-5 months, so should I just use a fuel stabilizer?

    Yes, a good fuel stabiliser will keep your fuel fresh during periods when you are not using your generator and in your case this should be fine.

    Other good practice recommendations are:

    • Drain the excess fuel in the carburettor after use. All Yamaha generators have a fuel shut off valve (petcock) that you can switch off while the generator is running to use the residual fuel and ensure it does not sit in the carburettor
    • Start up your generator every few months for a short period to lubricate internal parts of the unit and even apply a small load to the generator ensure everything is in working order for when you need it next.

Customer Reviews

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good experience Review by
Have inverter generator which is a Yamaha product with Yamaha Stamped on engine. Oil filling is messy as said by previous review, nice presented product, instructions for starting were very clear. I was amazed at how easy the unit started 1 & 1/2 pulls and was running, easier than honda 20i. Running noise about same as Honda. Like the way you can turn fuel off and let unit till it is dry.(save clogging carb) . Have Ibis 3 air con in Caravan and ran air con without overloading, says 2000/1600 watts rating, I would have considered to low to run air con but it did. I am pleased with Yamaha under other name.
(Posted on 15 December 2021)
Very good product and service Review by
Easy to use and does what it’s advertised to do.
(Posted on 21 June 2021)
The best there is at a very competitive price Review by
Consistently outperforming Honda in almost every independent test, the Yammy E2200 is the one to get. Straight out of the box & started first pull. Quiet, reliable & grunty, it's just what I expected and my mower man is happy to service it, unlike the cheap stuff on the market. Quality remains long after the price is forgotten...
(Posted on 27 July 2020)
Its a Yamaha Review by
Starts first go.
(Posted on 19 April 2020)

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Great product Review by
Well made, easy to use. Filling with oil is a bit of a challenge but with a small funnel and hose it isn't a problem. Make sure you put a tray or scrap cardboard under the oil filler hole as its easy to spill oil on the floor. First time out of the box, filled it up with oil and fuel, set the control's as directed in the manual, 2 pulls on the cord and the generator was off and running. Used it on Australia day for several hours didn't miss a beat. My partner had a go at starting the gen was was surprised how easy it was. We had it running around 3 meters from where we were sitting and really didn't notice running in the back ground. And one product.
(Posted on 7 February 2020)


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