Small (Up to 80 Litres) Compressor Fridges

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Enjoy the convenience of a small caravan fridge on the road. Our range of small compressor fridges, also known as 2-way fridges, start from a 40L capacity up to an 80L capacity with a freezer compartment.

Compressor Fridges

Small caravan fridges with a compressor are just like your fridge at home. The main difference is the compressorruns on a lower voltage of 12/24 volts or 240v power. So you can run your small caravan fridge from your deep cycle battery or your vehicle’s 12V system, depending on what works for you.

Designed for Small Spaces

Every small caravan fridge in our range is designed to fit into confined spaces in caravans and boats. Depending on the model, you can enjoy features such as reversible door or even a replaceable door panel to match your vehicle's interior.

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