RV WIFI External DishyDock for Starlink System, No Router & No Cable


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Product Description

RV WIFI DishyDock 12V System to Connect Starlink, 1 Year Warranty. 

Pack Included:

  • DishyDock Power
  • 2 x 0.3m AWG23 rated, Shielded Ethernet Cables
  • 1 x USB-C to Ethernet Adapeter
  • 12V Power Cord

Optional Connections Port type:

  • IP65 Weatherproof External Port
  • Internal DishyDock RJ45 Port

Optional Connections Router Type:

Optional Connections Ethernet Cable Length:

  • No cable (External Only)
  • 3 Meter
  • 5 Meter
  • 10 Meter
  • 15 Meter

With the arrival of Starlink, connectivity around the globe is available like never before. Starlink can connect, anywhere, anytime where there is a clear line of sight to the sky through its dedicated satellite system to your smart devices. Here at RV WIFI we have made the Starlink system RV friendly, with our 12V integration. 

Introducing RV WIFI DishyDock. RV WIFI DishyDock, takes the Starlink System and blends it seamlessly into your RV. 

  • DishyDock Power. The heart of the DishyDock system, DishyDock Power uses 12V power to drive Dishy, Delivering efficient connectivity, even in the most remote off grid location. A regular invertor requires a two step conversion from 12V - 240V - 48V, resulting in a greater power loss. With DishyDock Power, no invertor is required, but it directly links to your RV’s 12V battery system. DishyDock Power unlike other power covertors, converts the Starlink System in one transfer resulting in less power loss over the single conversion.
  • RV WIFI 5G RouterUsing the RV WIFI 5G router, you can pause your Starlink service and use the local network when in cell tower reception locations. This saves you money and the 5G router has exceptional speeds using both the 4G and 5G networks. What great options to seamlessly move between the Starlink and the cell tower networks.The RV WIFI5G router integrated with the Starlink Dishy, saves set up time and effort, and provides better speeds in 5G areas.
  • DishyDock Router. No longer do you need to pack up and store your Starlink Ruter whilst travelling, the DishyDock Router is mounted securely to your RV in a cupboard or location of your choice. Nice, neat and tidy. Modelled off our RV WIFI 5G router, the DishyDock Router offers a great solution. Teamed with Starlinks available signal, the superior WIFI range of the DishyDock Router, and the 12 volt DishyDock Power system, this is a great connectivity combination. One system for your smart devices to connect to. No changing passwords, or connections, RV WIFI DishyDock is set ready to go.
  • DishyDock Ethernet cables. Shielded AWG23, fire resistant ethernet cables provide power directly from DishyDock Power to Dishy. We offer a 3, 5, 10 or 15m cable in our kit for in wall installation, so you can place your Dishy Power and Router anywhere in your RV. Neatly tucked away and quietly delivering excellent connectivity. The Packs comes with one 0.3m Ethernet Cable to connect from DishyDock inside your RV to DishyDock power. A second 0.3m Ethernet Cable, then connects DishyDock Router. One system perfectly linked with everything you need.
  • DishyDock Ports IP65 Weatherproof. Just like the DishyDock Ports, the IP65 Port provides a seemless connection from your external Dishy to the intergration System inside your RV. This port is rated IP65, so is ideal for installing on the outside of your RV, leaving you with the confidence that is both dust tight and watertight against water spray from all directions. The Weatherproof Port can be used with or without the in wall Ethernet Cables, and again provides a socket plate for internal aethetics.
  • DishyDock Internal Ports. DishyDock Ports enable a seamless connection from Dishy to DishyDock Power, and onto the DishyDock Router. Designed specifically for the Starlink System, our DishyDocks are RJ45 Cat6 shielded ports. If you have a waterproof cavity including a TV box, Tunnel Boot or Storage Cavity in your RV, then our Internal DishyDock Port is perfect for the external connection. But for those requiring an external mount, then the IP67 waterproof external DishyDock is the right choice.The ports provide the perfect solution for the Dishy Cable, removing the need for cables through Windows or doors, and a tidy socket plate for internal aesthetics.


SKU DishyDock

Brand RV Wifi

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category Electrical Accessories


DishyDock, 12V Starlink Integration System


Starlink Connection: RV Wifi Dishy Dock


Caravan Starlink: How To Set Up The RV Wifi DishyDock


RV Internet With RV Wifi's DishyDock


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