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Product Description

RV WIFI+5G Portable Caravan WIFI Internet, 1 Year Warranty. Introducing the New RV WIFI 5G! The RV WIFI 5G includes the introduction of MIMO which gives great 5G speeds, greater 4G Speeds and more range than our previous products, the MIMO, by increased range we mean to the Telco Tower, as well as increased Wi-Fi range around the campsite and into the tow vehicle while on the move. The new product continues to include durability and Australian device help (including up to 12 months beyond warranty).

It comes complete with all the RV WIFI inclusions you love and expect including 12volt, choose your own provider and more connections than you need (up to 100). Order yours now!

Already have Starlink? Check out RV Wifi's new DishyDock here. Connect your Starlink system to your RV Wifi and get the best of both worlds while running on 12V


  • RV WIFI 5G is designed specifically for Recreational Vehicles.
  • RV WIFI 5G comes with an external antenna. Better Range/less interference and noise.
  • RV WIFI 5G comes with a 12 volt power connection, no batteries to run out, just set and forget!
  • RV WIFI 5G is not locked into any providers, your choice to buy on range or price.
  • RV WIFI 5G has no limit on users. The more the merrier!
  • RV WIFI 5G offers ‘In Car Entertainment’, while on the move.
  • RV WIFI 5G has excellent WIFI range in and around your Caravan.
  • RV WIFI 5G has a mulifuncitonal 4G/5G/WIFI exeternal antenna, this equals great range!
  • RV WIFI 5G is a fully enabled MIMO router.
  • RV WIFI 5G has improved 4G capability.
  • RV WIFI 5G is 5G!
  • RV WIFI 5G can connect to Starlink.

RV Wifi  Product Manual



Brand RV Wifi

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category Electrical Accessories

Signal Capability 4G/5G (MIMO)

Voltage 12V

Cable Length External 4G/5G/WIFI Antenna: 2 metres (x4)

Weight (kg) Router: .875kg


Introducing The New 5G Caravan WiFi Router By RV WiFi


Changing your WIFI password on your RV WIFI 5G


How to connect your phone/laptop etc to the RV WIFI5G router


Using the SIM card adapter in the RV WIFI5G


Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • How is RV WiFi different to hot spotting my phone, or a pocket device ?

    The RV Wi-Fi solution has been created with the specific needs of Australian Caravan and motorhome community. The differences are as follows:

    • Great Wi-Fi range
    • Wired in to the 12V supply of the van, so no chargers to look after or lose
    • If using your phone to hot spot and you get a call, the hot spot will drop out.
    • If using your phone to hot spot and you walk away, the hot spot will be lost.
    • Superior Wi-Fi coverage typically 50 metres or more from the Caravan/Motorhome
    • It s set up and ready to go when you are. Your devices remember the network and will connect when able to.
    • Password protected = data protection.
    • The RV WIFI router Software has been developed with the Australian travelling holiday in mind
    • No bill shock no impact to your phone data plan
  • Can I use the SIM from my mobile phone?

    Yes you can, as long as you to use the SIM adapter that is provided with the RV WiDi kit to make the SIM into a Full Sized SIM Card.

  • What coverage can I expect to get?

    As RV Wifi accesses their data from a range of Data Providers - the coverage is where they are available. Search on the internet for coverage maps. These are normally located on your providers web site.

  • How does RV Wi-Fi compare to Satellite Wi-Fi?

    Set up and ongoing costs for RV Wi-Fi is only $30-$50 for a month for most people depending on usage. Satellite including Starlink is a more expensive option.

  • Do l need a SIM card to operate the WIFI?

    Yes. To connect to the Internet, an activated SIM is required that has data applied. If you are sending information to a Wi-Fi device, like a printer, then you do not need to have a SIM card inserted. Always turn your router off and on again after doing any adjustments to the SIM card. The router needs to re-read the SIM card once it has been inserted, so turning it off and on again will enable it to do this.

  • Do I have to sign up to a mobile phone contract?

    No, the RV Wi-Fi comes with a Telstra Sim starter kit. You can use this or purchase another from your choice of data providers. You can choose to get a pre paid SIM for short adventures or if you are going on a longer trip a plan might suit you better. Some providers offer a DATA SHARE SIM, where you can have one plan and two SIMS (conditions apply).

  • What is an omni-directional antenna?

    RV wifi's external antenna delivers coverage in a circular horizonal direction. The WIFI antenna will give you a range of up to 50 metres from the RV

  • Does it work everywhere?

    RV WIFI+ works with the a number of data providers including Telstra, Vodafone and Optus to name a few. Choose the provider that suits you best. And whilst coverage is not everywhere, coverage will extend to most places most people will take their caravan or motorhome.

  • How do I set my Wi-Fi password?

    Step by step instructions can be found in the operation manual.

    Resetting the password:

    1. The factory WIFI password/security key is : rvwifi1234.
    2. Open a browser and visit on your device.
    3. This will get access to the back end of the router to change the password but first you need to be connected to the network, which is where the WIFI password/security key is entered.
  • What is the maximum & average gain from the external antenna when in a fringe reception area?

    The maximum gain is 6db. The average is 3.2 for B28 and is impedance matched to the RV Wi-Fi router. There are four antennas inside the external antenna. 2 x 3G/4G/5G and 2 x Wi-Fi, enabling the MIMO capabilities.

  • What if l insert the wrong sized SIM card?

    The SIM tray has a recess that fits a full sized sim card. If you put the wrong size SIM card in, it will not sit firm and you will not get a connection. If the SIM you are using is a smaller Nano or Micro Sim, then you need to use the SIM card adapter provided to make it into a Full Sized SIM Card.

  • Is there any device in my RV that l should not place the router or antenna near?

    Avoid the external antenna being placed near high objects that will restrict its capacity to receive and send. The router needs to be placed away from the solar inverter, at least 1.5 metres.

  • What is the length of the internal antenna s?

    There are two types of internal antenna s on the RV Wi-Fi 5G.

    - The Wi-Fi antenna s are 40mm,

    - The 3G/4G/5G antenna s are 190mm.

  • How long are the external antenna leads?

    2 metres each in length.

  • How much power does the RV WIFI draw?

    300milliamps (mA).

  • What size SIM card should l use?


    A full sized sim card is required and is placed in the SIM tray, aligned with the cut out of the SIM.
  • What is the outdoor antenna? Can you post a pic of it mounted? Thank you.


    Hi there, 
    The high gain antenna is recommended for Marine applications and low coverage areas to get extra coverage.
    If you download the product brochure available on the product page on our website you will be able to see a photo of it mounted to a caravan. 
  • Can the external antenna be mounted high on the side of the van rather than trying to seal roof penetration?


    Hi there,
    Provided the external antenna is not obstructed, placing it high on the van wall will be just fine.
  • Hi there, Does the rev WiFi device include GPS tracking capabilities?


    Hi there,
    Thank you for your inquiry. The RV Wifi does not include GPS sorry.
  • Hi, I am interested in buying this Wifi package. Sorry might be a silly question when using the sim card how much does it cost and do I require a pre paid sim card? Many thanks

    Hi there,

    The RV Wifi comes with a Telstra prepaid sim card. Pricing for plans will differ depending on the carrier used. Telstra is the most common due to their coverage, however they do cost a bit more per month/per refill.

  • Hi there, Do You think it would be worth the effort to mount the WIFI external aerial on the tv antenna? (to get extra height)And do you think it would effect tv reception when in use? Thanks

    Hi there,

    We would not recommend installing the antenna on your TV aerial.

    Additional height may help in certain low reception areas.

    An option worth looking at would be the RV Wifi High Gain Antenna:


  • Is your RV Wifi / 4GX also compatible to the new G5 technology?

    Hi there, the RVWIFI are not 5G compatible sorry.


  • Do I have to set up my antenna when it arrive?

    No, the antenna is a set and forget, no need to mess around with setup when you arrive.

  • What size external hard drive can be connected?

    RV WIFI has been tested up to 1TB.

  • Can I use this in my home?

    RV WIFI now have an adapter to use with 240V, so it can be used in a household PowerPoint. You can purchase this adapter from the list of accessories.

  • How long is the external aerial cable length?

    The cable for the external aerial is 2 meters long.

  • How many concurrent Wi-Fi device connections can your product support?

    The limit is up to 230 devices at once.

  • Is it possible to log onto a network site externally to see if an individual unit has a Wifi signal?

    The RV Wifi runs as a standalone consumer device and this is not currently possible.

  • Can the lengths be adjusted on the external antenna leads?

    They can be adjusted by seeking assistance from an auto electrician, although speeds can be effected by lengthening.

  • Does RV Wi-fi work with streaming video services such as YouTube or NetFlix?

    Yes, it has been tested with two concurrent movies for two different iPads whilst moving on the road and did not skip a beat. Note each movie can use between 500MB 1GB of data.

  • Can l attach a different external antenna to the RV WIFI router?

    Yes, the connector on the router is a SMA Female for 3G/4G connections. You will need to get an adapter that suits.

  • How many devices can be connected at one time to the RV Wifi?

    The limit is up to 100 devices at once.

  • How is the RV Wi-Fi 5G different to the 4G model?

    Here are a few features of the 5G model that the 4G model doesn't have:

    • The capability to support 5G networks.
    • MIMO (Multiple Input & Multiple Output).
    • Upgraded Wi-Fi/Cell antenna.
    • Faster Wi-Fi connections and mobile network connections thanks to MIMO.


  • What is MIMO?

    MIMO stands for "Multiple Input & Multiple Output". It provides you with multiple inputs from the cell towers which assist in boosting data speeds. The output is the converse and provides multiple signals for your devices to connect to simultaneously to boost Wi-Fi speeds. 

  • What are the features of the RV Wi-Fi 5G antenna?

    Improved range and less interference and noise in comparison to the 4G hockey puck antenna. The MIMO feature also allows for faster speeds across Wi-Fi and 5G/4G connections.

  • How many devices can be connected to the RV Wi-Fi 5G?

    Up to 100 devices can be connected to the RV Wi-Fi 5G.

  • What network providers can I use with my RV Wi-Fi 5G?

    The RV Wi-Fi 5G is not locked to a provider and will allow you to select your chosen provider. 

  • Will I be able to connect to the Wi-Fi outside of my caravan?

    Yes, it provides a Wi-Fi network up to 50-60 meters when from your caravan using the external antenna. 

  • Is the RV Wi-Fi 5G a secure network?

    Yes, the improved security capabilities that are much safer than public Wi-Fi networks.

  • How do I power the RV Wi-Fi 5G?

    The RV Wi-Fi 5G is powered via 12V (8W). It comes with a 12V cigar cable. There is also a 240-12V adaptor available to purchase separately.

  • Does the RV Wi-Fi 5G come with a user manual?

    There is no physical manual in the box instead there is a QR code on the unit that will allow you to download a copy of the manual.

  • If I'm in a none mobile area, can this get me my Wi-Fi for internet and mobile?

    The Wi-Fi needs mobile coverage to work so while it won't work everywhere, the coverage will extend to most places where most people will take their caravan or motorhome.

  • Can the Brutus fit my DO45 hitch?

    "Yes, the Brutus fits both the DO 35 and DO 45 Pins. It comes with a reducer sleeve that reduces the 1 1\4 inch hole to 7\8 inch. This is needed for the DO35 and 50mm balls."


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    For details relating to our delivery process CLICK HERE

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