Petrol Auto Start Generators For Off-Grid Solar

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Experiencing long stints of bad weather? If you’re living off grid, chances are your solar panels can’t collect enough sunlight to keep your home running. That’s where petrol solar backup generators come in.

These petrol generators are designed to detect when your solar power is running low, so they will automatically kick in to charge your solar panels back up. With a petrol solar backup generator, you won’t have to worry about being stuck without power.

Top Quality Brands

Our range of petrol solar backup generators includes brands such as Pramac, Powerlite, Gentech and Dunlite. With sizes ranging from 3.6kVA up to 11.9kVA, you can choose the right petrol solar backup generator to meet your power needs.

Every generator in this selection is perfect for emergency solar back-up for the home or professional use. You can start the generator from a remote switch. Plus, some units feature AVR to ensure you have stable power for sensitiveelectronic equipment.

Looking for the ultimate convenience in power? Select petrol solar backup generators with features such as a long-range fuel tank, 2-wire remote start, weather-proof casing, and more.