Dunlite 7 kVA Lister Petter Powered Diesel Generator

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Product Description

Dunlite 7 kVA Lister Petter Powered Diesel Generator with Electric Start, 1 Year Warranty. From a brand internationally known for high quality & reliable engines, comes a range of portable petrol generators that you can depend on. Lister Petter portable generators pack a lot of power in compact footprint, making it a portable & economical choice for your worksite. These units come with electric start, AVR, fuel & voltage meter, handle & wheels. Battery is included.


  • 7 kVA
  • 1-phase 
  • Recoil/electric starting method



Brand Dunlite

GTIN 9334786004749

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category Portable Generators

kVA 7

Max Output (kW) 5.6

Continuous Output (kW) 5.6

Max Output (Watts) 5600

Continuous Output (Watts) 5600

Model Lister Petter LPDR188

Phase 1-phase

Fuel Diesel

Fuel Tank Capacity 5 L

Starting Method Recoil/Electric

NOTE Product specifications provided by Manufacturer. This is a portable air-cooled diesel generator designed for short term/standby applications - for pri

Engine Speed 3000 rpm

Product Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 810x550x600

Outlets 2 x 15 Amp

Noise @ 7m 80 dBA

Net Weight (kg) 110

Engine Horsepower 10 hp


Dunlite Generators: Powered By Honda


Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Is there an option for Earth Leakage Protection (ELP) for this unit? I just need 1 x 3 phase plug and 1 x 15amp plug. Also, do you sell a 30m 5core 4mm2 lead with 20 apm 5 pin plug end? Thanks

    Hi - The standard outlet configuration for this generator is:

    1 x 32A 5PIN 415V three phase outlet

    2 x 15A 3PIN 240V single phase outlets (note that you get one third of the total generator's power capacity out of the single phase outlets).

    If you require RCD Earth Leakage Protection, please refer to the accessory list which shows RCD for both single phase and three phase outlets. These are weatherproof outlets supplied fitted to the generator on order and comply with Australian Standards for work sites.

    Lastly, we do not sell leads - apologies, just the generator and outlets to suit your application. Thanks

  • What is the power output wave form? Pure sine wave, modified sine wave?

    Hi Jeff, this is a conventional generator using a brushless alternator that produces a power output with harmonic distortion of +/- 5%.

    conventional generator is designed to run appliances with resistive and heavy loads, e.g. power tools, farming equipment, domestic applainces without microprocessors. Conventional generators can handle 'overloading' for short periods, where an appliance will surge (usually when starting up) briefly. However, conventional generators are not intended to run sensitive electronic equipment (e.g. TV's, laptops, mobile phones etc.). Conventional generators are built tough and are popular for trade, construction, farming, industrial use, plus certain domestic requirements. 

    The type of generator that produces pure sine wave output is an inverter generatorAn inverter generator can run sensitive electronic equipment. Note that Inverter generators cannot handle large 'overloading' that conventional generators can. Too much overload on an inverter generator will cause the generator 'trip the breaker' and stop producing power. These inverter generators are quiet, fuel efficient and are designed for recreational use, small home backup, DIY tasks, small mobile business and small events. 

     Finally, its worth mentioning AVR Generators This type of generator has an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) fitted, so they reduce large voltage fluctuations that can potentially damage appliances. These types of generators are commonly used for Domestic backup applications and small business backup requirements. 

  • Looking for a generator good enough to keep a food freezer and or fridge running - Would this one do the job?

    Hi Craig, yes this model is a very popular cost effective generator for running domestic fridges and freezers.

    Most domestic fridge/freezers will have a start-up power requirement of around 1000-1500 watts and then drop back down to a smaller running amount as they work on a thermostat. So again, this generator would suit running your household fridge/freezer. 

    Overall, it is a popular unit for home backup power requirements and small jobs on farms and work sites. Many thanks. 

  • Is this generator Chinese made and if so what service back up is there if problems occur? Thanks Murray

    Hi Murray, 

    Thanks for your question. 

    The Dunlite Generator is manufactured in China and is backed up with a 2 year manufacturers warranty and a comprehensive national support service network. This warranty and support is provided by Dunlite. 

    You can read about the Dunlite Warranty Here


    The team @ My Generator


  • Where can this be serviced in SA?

    Hi there, Dunlite products are acked by a national service agent network. You can visit this page here, type in your post code to see your nearest agents: Dunlite Locations

    Many thanks

  • Is this generator suitable for continuous use for a power blackout that lasts say 12 -24 hrs @ 50 % load ?

    Hi there, yes this generator is designed for short term backup power requirements, very popular for residential and small commercial applications up to 7kVA in max power draw.

    The rated continuous running time is around 5.5 hours at full load, meaning at your required power load of 50%, you will get approximately 10-11 hours of run time before needing to refuel.

    Just keep in mind that it is a portable air-cooled generator, meaning it is designed for short term backup use as mentioned. For prime/continuous power for prolonged periods (e.g. days and days on end), a stationary water-cooled diesel generator is recommended.  Many thanks.

  • Can I use this generator to charge my power tool batteries?

    Hi there,

    Charging battery packs is fine from a conventional generator, we'd recommend having a steady load on the generator and don't connect appliances that will cause the load to jump around during charging.



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