Dometic Waeco CI 92 Litre Cool-Ice Icebox

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Dometic Waeco CI92L, 92 Litre Cool-Ice Icebox, 5 Year Warranty. The CI92L icebox is designed longer and narrower than the existing Dometic Cool Ice range so it can fit in longer fish whilst not taking up valuable deck space on the boat. Like the rest of the Dometic Icebox series, the CI 92L features a rugged construction that is built to last and keep ice frozen for several days. Each fish caught will be kept fresher for longer using the CI 92L.

The Dometic Cool Ice Icebox series has an extremely effective insulation system that ensures cool air does not escape whilst the lid is closed, with recessed seals and durable, food-grade polyethylene construction and generously proportioned CFC-free insulation.

Fit more into the Dometic Longbox and make life easier by organising the food and drinks using the modular storage system with accessory wire basket and divider. Each CI92L icebox has 2 accessory inserts to utilise any accessories from the CI range, and will accommodate Small Basket & Small Divider.


  • Thick insulation and unique sealing design means ice lasts longer
  • Hygienic and easy to clean with large diameter drain plug
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with strong ergonomic handles
  • Strong, seamless, food grade polyethylene construction
  • Integrated polyethylene feet
  • Practical tie down points below the handles
  • Integrated hinges with stainless steel rods and durable rubber latches

Product Manual

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Brand Dometic

GTIN 9331391009077

Product Category Ice Box

Product Type Coolice 92L Rotomold Icebox with thick insulation

Total Capacity (Litres) 92

Icebox Width (mm) 441

Icebox Material Polyethylene

Weight (kg) 15.3

Icebox Length (mm) 1055

Insulation refrigeration grade foam insulation

Icebox Height (mm) 427

NOTE: see full product specifications & further product info in the section on this page.

Q & A

  • How can I increase the longevity of ice in my Dometic Icebox?

    A few tips to keep ice for longer:

    • Keep your icebox cool before use by keeping it in a cool area for a few hours. Using block ice inside the icebox will also increase the time the ice lasts.
    • Ensure anything getting put in the icebox is cold beforehand.
    • Try to keep the icebox as full as possible, as there will be less warm air getting into the icebox when it is opened.
    • Try to avoid opening the icebox unnecessarily.


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Excellent size for fish

5 April 2022

Great Esky for the boat. Not too heavy and fits good size fish in


Warranty Period: 5 Years

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