Bushranger Night Hawk 9" (Pair) VLI Series LED Driving Light Kit

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Product Description

Bushranger Night Hawk 9" (Pair) VLI Series LED Driving Light Kit, 5 Years Warranty.

Pack Included:

  • 2 x Bushranger Night Hawk 9" VLI Series LED Driving Light Kit, NHX230VLI
  • Bushranger Night Hawk VLI Series Wiring System, NHW20VLI


2 x Bushranger Night Hawk 9" VLI Series LED Driving Light

Bushranger® Night Hawk VLI Series 9″ LED Driving Lights have been developed from the ground up by our team of engineers to offer a truly unique design which takes performance, looks and usability to a whole new level.

The bold, modern aesthetic incorporates clever cooling ducts which channel cool air directly over the heatsink to greatly increase the heat dissipation of the LED’s. The Advanced Temperature Control System takes advantage of the superior cooling design to run the LED’s at their maximum potential by monitoring and adjusting the output according to the environment.

These lights are so bright, we’ve also incorporated a brightness control function, which allows complete control of the light intensity in conditions where too much light can be detrimental to clear vision. The brightness is controlled by our pioneering, relay-free VLI Series Wiring System, which is the first of its kind, and leads the way with simpler wiring, easier installation, more user control and greater reliability over traditional systems.

Each light is supplied with two protective covers which allow the user to change the beam pattern quickly and easily. With the spot protective cover fitted, the light projects a clean, focused spot beam pattern which reaches extreme distance [1.34km @ 1 Lux]; great for highway driving. Clip on the flood protective cover and the light changes significantly to a wide, flood beam pattern which illuminates all the surroundings for excellent [200m] short to medium distance vision. Engineered tough to withstand the rugged outdoor terrain and harsh climate experienced down under. They are backed by a 5 year warranty and our 40+ year history of supplying quality engineered 4×4 products to the Australian market.

Features (per light):

  • DURABLE EXTERIOR | Hard coated polycarbonate lens offers long term scratch resistance ensuring maximum optical efficiency for years to come. UV stable AkzoNobel powder coat, polycarbonate lens and covers ensure long term durability.
  • BUILT TOUGH | Pressure die-cast aluminium housing and strong, 4mm thick steel bracket will handle even the toughest tracks.
  • HIGH OUTPUT OSRAM LED’S | 37 genuine, high output OSRAM LED’s for unmatched performance.175W and 10,800 effective lumens per light.
  • MODERN ELECTRONICS DESIGN | Built in Transistor switching simplifies wiring installation by removing the need for traditional 12V relays. PWM dimming capability for brightness control at the turn of a dial. (Wiring system sold separately)
  • ACTIVE TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM | Intelligent on-board monitoring of the LED temperatures, combined with the superior cooling design allows for maximum output in all conditions.
  • SUPERIOR COOLING DESIGN | Large air intakes channel cool air over the heatsink for unmatched cooling efficiency, allowing for the use of higher-powered LED’s.
  • VERSATILE INSTALLATION | Unique shape and low-profile design allows for diverse fitments where regular 9” round lights may not suit.
  • CHANGEABLE BEAM PATTERN | Clip on/clip off protective covers allow for quick changes between beam patterns.1 x Spot, 1 x Flood included.


Product Manual


Bushranger Night Hawk VLI Series Wiring System

The Bushranger Night Hawk VLI Series Wiring System has been pushed to the edge by developing the first dedicated auxiliary light wiring system to incorporate relay free switching and brightness control functionality. What does this mean? Simpler wiring, easier installation, more user control and greater reliability over the traditional plug and play wiring loom. The commonly used automotive 12V relay is removed entirely and replaced with modern transistor switching, which is built into the light and the control module. Each light is powered directly from the battery, rather than through a relay, meaning there are no power restrictions for the wiring system, which is a common limitation with traditional relay-based wiring looms. Up to 4 x Bushranger Night Hawk VLI Series LED lights can be controlled by 1 wiring system and any combination of models/sizes can be used.

The brightness control function allows the user to adjust the brightness of all lights on the system with 7 different light intensity settings giving complete control to match the driving conditions. In certain conditions, vision can be greatly enhanced by reducing the intensity of light projected, for example, dense bush tracks, hilly terrain or even some highway driving where an excess of light can lead to intense reflections and eye strain…. now you can dial these high intensity lights back to a more comfortable level. Use a second wiring system as a work/camping / reverse light setup and control the intensity of the lit area. You have complete control like never before.

Plug & Play Connectors

The wiring system uses control leads with waterproof plugs which quickly and easily join together to allow plenty of flexibility when routing from the control module to the VLI lights.

Soft Start Programming

The soft start feature programmed into the control module gradually increases the light intensity over the first second of operation to reduce eye strain and flash blindness that commonly occurs when switching into high beam mode with high intensity LED lights fitted. It also extends the life of the electronics by reducing the sudden shock load that occurs when high output LED’s change instantly from off to on.

PWM Brightness Control

The control module uses a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signal to control the brightness of all VLI series lights connected to the system. It allows the option of 7 x brightness settings which can be quickly changed at the turn of a dial to suit the conditions

Product Manual



Brand Bushranger

Warranty Period: 5 Years

Product Category Lights (Driving and Work)

Watts (W) 175W

LED's 37 x Genuine OSRAM LED’s

Colour Temperature 5700K

Net Weight (kg) 3.1

Current draw 12.2A @ 14.4V


The 4WD Night Hawk Light Range


The Bushranger Night Hawk 4X4 Lights In Action


The Best 4x4 Lights Tested: Bushranger 4x4


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Awesome Review by
Absolutely love these, they really light up the road & surrounding bush. Will not disappoint.
(Posted on 7 May 2022)

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