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Kranzle M2000 Midi Handgun

Kranzle M2000 Midi Handgun

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Check out the huge range of pressure washer lances, wands and handguns available. Boost the speed and efficiency of your pressure washer with the right attachment. Whether you need professional, commercial or domestic grade attachments, you will find the ideal fit in our online store.

Save Time and Energy

We stock pressure washer lances, handguns and accessories from top manufacturers, such as Kranzle, PowerBlast, Jetwave, and Powershot. No matter how demanding the task, you can be certain you have the right tool.

Pressure Washer Lances

Find a variety of pressure washer lance styles, lengths and materials in our online store. Need to reach higher to get the grime off? Choose a lance extension. Some lances come complete with a fan jet nozzle to provide a certain pressure. You can also buy a foaming lance with bottle, heavy duty lances, double lances with insulated handles, and much more.

Pressure Washer Handguns

Pressure washer handguns come in all shapes and sizes, including midi handguns and handguns with extensions.