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Get everything you need to run your camping fridge without any fuss. Our range of accessories includes camping fridge cables, adaptors and power packsfor top brands such as Dometic Waeco, Evakool, and Bushman.

Top Camping Fridge Cables and Accessories

Lost your power cord? No need to stress before you head off on your trip. Buy replacement camping fridge cables from My Generator.

We sell 240 v cables, 12 volt cables and Anderson leads for a variety of camping fridge brands. Best of all, these camping fridge cables are designed especially for use in the great outdoors, meaning they are heavy duty and durable.

Buy an adapter to go from 240 volt to 12 volt DC power. This gives you the option to switchbetween running your portable fridge from AC power or your car battery. Some wiring kits come with a shut-off feature, so if your vehicle has low battery charge, you won't find yourself suddenly stranded in the Aussie bush with a flat battery.

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