Winia (Daewoo) 2.5kg Wall Mountable Mini Washer 240V, Moon White

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Product Description

Winia (Daewoo) 2.5kg Wall Mountable Mini Washer 240V, Moon White, 1 Year Warranty. The cutting-edge product, the 'mini', will upgrade your lifestyle of Caravan, boat and home with its stylish minimal look. The 'mini' will free you from the constraints of the space your washing machine occupies.

The ‘mini’ Wall Mountable (wall mounted) Washer has evolved the strengths of traditional front loaders (superior washing and low water consumption) and embodied them into a compact and light weight design ideal for the RV and the Boat market.

Incorporating a full range of wash cycles including cotton, delicates and quick, it also has features like extra rinse and temperature control up to 90 C.

The ‘mini’  Wall Mountable(Wall mounted) Washer comes in at compact size and weight of traditional front loaders.

With its illuminated touch screen control panel and smooth curved profile this washing machine is as sleek looking as it is functional.

The ‘mini’s’ high technology of inverter BLDC motor, which is applied at world’s first wall mountable(wall mounted) washer, provides minimum noise and vibration during all courses throughout washing, rinsing, drying, spinning. Thanks to leading edge technology you can enjoy quite washing all the time even at night operation.

The mini’s chic round shape pursues simple and unique design.

This cutting edge product will upgrade your life at Caravan, boat and home with its stylish minimal look.


  • Normal wash course: Normal washing program suitable for daily washing regardless of laundry, including cotton and synthetic fibers. A program that is displayed as default when the power is turned on.
  • 18’ Quick wash course: Washing program suitable for quickly washing small amounts of laundry, regardless of whether they are cotton or synthetic.
  • Gentle wash course: Gentle wash program with heated water temperature at 30°C, suitable for silk or delicate fabrics.
  • Baby care course: 80°C hot water wash program suitable for garments requiring hygienic care i.e. baby clothes.
  • Steam Wash: 70℃ hot water wash program with initial prewash at 90℃ . Suitable for garments requiring mite removal and antibacterial properties.
  • Rinse: Rinse-only program with no water heating. Suitable for adding rinse after finishing the selected wash program. Suitable for garments requiring mite removal and antibacterial properties.
  • Spin: Independent spin cycle. Suitable when needing extra spin
  • Drum Clean: A self-cleaning cycle, which is to remove any bacteria or build-up from the drum of the washing machine.
  • Rinse+: Button to set extra rinse
  • Delay: Button to set the time for the delay start

Please note:This washing machine should be installed by a qualified plumber/electrician. Where you get your caravan service should be able to install the washing machine as well. Installation requires a clearance of 70cm in front and 22cm vertically.

Please note: When this washing machine is installed in a house, the washing machine should only be installed on one of the following types of walls:Concrete wall, Cement wall.

The Drainage hose installation:

Let the machine have a straight downward drainage hose with a minimum 10cm before it bends.

Drainage is working on the gravity and the hose requires a minimum fall before bends.



Brand Winia (Daewoo)

GTIN 8809837440278

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category RV Washing Machines and Dryers

Loader Type Front Loader Machine

Spin Cycle Speed 700RPM

Load Capacity 2.5 kg

Noise @ 7m 55dB

Dimensions (W x H x D) 558 x 658 x 320mm

Water Usage 37L

Weight (kg) 19

Rated Voltage 240V

Colour White

Product Q&A

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  • Can the door be changed to open left or right?

    No, the doors cannot be swapped to open left or right


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