Off Grid AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

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So, you’ve got an off grid home or you’re planning to travel off grid in your 4x4 or caravan – then you should invest in an AGM Deep Cycle Battery.

An AGM Deep Cycle Battery will store the energy collected from your solar panel and use it to charge and run your favourite appliances. For example your fridge, camping lights, phone chargers and even your coffee machine!

Why AGM?

AGM batteries are extremely popular due to their affordable price point. For less than $500 you can get a massive 240Ah battery.

These batteries can also be used for cranking, which their counterparts Lithium, cannot.

A few things to note about an AGM Deep Cycle Battery: they are heavy, only have a 50% depth of discharge and have half the life of a lithium battery. But the alternatives come at a price – an expensive price!

Victron AGM Deep Cycle Batteries:

When you buy a Victron AGM Deep Cycle Battery you’re getting a high quality battery with low internal resistance, VRLA technology and low self-discharge. These batteries can be stored for long periods without recharge – in fact if kept in cool conditions these batteries can be stored for up to a year! Perfect for off grid homes and cabins that are only visited during certain times of the year.