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Any myCOOLMAN fridge review will tell you how these fridges are designed to handle Australian conditions and built tough for adventurers who love to go far off the beaten track. One thing they won’t tell you is about the great deals on offer at My Generator – many of our myCOOLMAN fridges come with a free bonus item like a fridge cover or bonus tumblers! Check these offers out below.


If you’ve been checking out a myCOOLMAN fridge review, you’re probably ready to check out the best range of fridges to find the right one for your next trip.

Best-Selling Fridges As Rated By myCOOLMAN Fridge Reviews:

In their myCOOLMAN fridge reviews, our customers tell us how much they love the design and performance of their fridges. These fridges are designed and engineered in Germany, so you can be certain you’re getting brilliant quality. Our range of myCOOLMAN fridges goes from 30 litres up to a massive 105 litres. As any good myCOOLMAN fridge review will tell you, these units can withstand dust and heat and pretty much everything you will the great Aussie outdoors can throw at it. myCOOLMAN backs its fridges with a generous 5-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Whether you’re planning a 4x4 trip onto wild terrain or a relaxing camping trip up the coast, you’ll find the myCOOLMAN fridge for you right here in our online store.