Medium Inverter Generators (2001W to 3000W)

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Whether you need a medium inverter generator for camping, RV travels, or food van, we’ve got you covered. These generators range from 2200W to 3000W which is perfect for running caravan air conditioners, microwaves, fridges and televisions. The Briggs and Stratton, DeWalt, Cromtech and Yamaha inverter generators in this range are some of the most popular models on the market.

Inverter Generators Innovations

Whether you choose Briggs and Stratton or Yamaha inverter generators, you’ll enjoy efficient, consistent and quiet power. Inverter generators produce a clean and stable power that is safe for sensitive electronics, such as mobile phones, camera equipment, laptops and tablets. Some models, like the Yamaha inverter generators, also feature a smart throttle which controls the engine speed in line with the required output for maximum fuel efficiency.

They are also quieter than traditional camping generators of the same size. For example, Yamaha inverter generators use noise reduction technology. The popular 2400W Yamaha inverter generator only produces 53 decibels, making it the quietest in its class.

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