Large Inverter Generators (3001W and above)

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Looking to run a coffee cart, food van or simply power lots of appliances? This range of large inverter generators has it covered. The bigger inverter generators in this range can also be used for home backup during emergency situations.


Inverter Technology Explained

Our range of large inverter generators produce stable and clean power by using innovative inverter technology. The generator produces raw power, which goes through a microprocessor. This conditions the power through a multi-step process to produce clean and stable power, just like the power you get from outlets at home.

So, you can use a large inverter generator to power up even the most sensitive electronics without worrying about surges and spikes. That makes them a popular generator for recreational uses as well as home backup to run fridges and lights.

Large Inverter Generators

These large inverter generators range in size from 3000W to 6500W and above. But don’t be fooled by their size – these generators are designed to provide quiet operation and maximum fuel efficiency.

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