Generators For Camper Trailers

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Power up your camper trailer set-up with a camping generator. These portable inverter generators are ideal for running your favourite appliances and recharging your batteries during your camping trip. Choose from top-quality generator brands including Yamaha, Cromtech, Briggs and Stratton, and DeWALT.

Camping generators are a great option when you’re travelling to remote places. The best choice for camper trailer is an inverter generator, as this can be used to power sensitive equipment like laptops and smartphones, as well as your deep-cycle battery.

What Size Camping Generator?

When you’re looking for a generator for your camper trailer, size does matter. Our generators range from 1000w to 6500w, so you can choose the right size for your power needs.

Built to Go Anywhere

Every camping generator in our online store is designed to be compact, lightweight and quiet. When you buy from My Generator, you can be confident you have the perfect power solution for many adventures to come.